4 Unique Facts About Patios

Patios are one of the most in-demand features in U.S. homes. According to a recent survey, of the 1.1 million single-family homes polled, 63 percent included patios or patio gardens. Boasting endless design options, patios are a terrific spot for entertaining and relaxing with family. Outfitted with barbeque grills, fire pits, and ambient lighting, patios can seamlessly extend indoor living spaces.

Today’s homeowners places emphasized value on functional outdoor living spaces where one can play with the kids, dine, read, entertain, or just lounge in total comfort. Here are five interesting facts about patios that help explain their popularity.

The Word is of Spanish origin

Patio is originally a Spanish word used by native speakers to describe a courtyard inside or adjacent to the home. English speakers adopted it in the early 20th century. Etymologists trace the Spanish patio to pati, meaning communal pasture, or to the Latin patere, which means to lie open. During the 15th and 16th centuries, they became a prominent element in nearly every Spanish home. The western hemisphere was introduced to the concept of patios when Spanish colonists incorporated them in homes from Mexico through Peru.

The 1950s: Patio Boom in the U.S.

By the 1940s, a patio was defined in the English dictionary as “an enclosed and paved terrace beside a building.” However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that American homeowners truly embraced this outdoor living space. Entertaining and grilling on the backyard patio became a popular weekend activity as affordable plastic outdoor furniture came to the market.

Modern Patios are Comfortable Spaces

Today’s patios are both stylish and functional. Homeowners want more than just a visually pleasing focal point in their backyard. To reap the full benefits, many install louvered patio covers that provide shelter from the elements and can be adjusted with the touch of a button. Modern patios are comfortable spaces often outfitted for a specific purpose–an outdoor kitchen, dining area, or private oasis.

Raise the Resale Value of Homes

A well-designed patio can dramatically increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Homebuyers want shade, comfort, and privacy in their outdoor living space, and a covered patio offers the ultimate return on investment.

Create an Amazing Patio Space

Cherished for centuries, patios continue to evolve as new technology and materials usher in more flexible and exciting possibilities. Motorized privacy screens, integrated lighting, heating systems, and smart controls are some of the luxe-covered patio features available today.

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