5 Benefits of Adding a Roof to a Pergola

Homeowners love pergolas for a lot of reasons. They look charming in backyard gardens. They create space for outdoor seating, lounging, and dining areas. They also allow you to enjoy the fresh air, connect with nature, while offering shade and protection from the elements. Pergolas can also be designed to accommodate your personal aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.

A smart addition to any outdoor space, pergolas can be further enhanced by adding a roof. Open beams and lattice work are beautiful and functional on traditional pergolas, but they don’t provide complete protection from the weather.

Here are four good reasons to consider a solid roof pergola to keep your outdoor patio area in use year-round, whether it’s blazing hot or drizzling rain.

Weather protection

Shade and increased protection from the elements are two key benefits of roofing a pergola. Outdoor dining or entertainment doesn’t have to be conditional on the weather when you have a solid roof over your head. If your pergola is installed over a hot tub, a roof will maximize enjoyment even on the rainiest of days. Whether it’s shielding you from harsh summer sunlight, keeping snow off of outdoor furniture, or keeping you dry during thunderstorms, a roofed pergola ensures that you can take advantage of your outdoor patio space when the mood strikes.

Adds dimension to your outdoor space

Pergolas – whether freestanding or attached to existing structures – provide visual appeal all by themselves. A roofed pergola promises another layer of texture and dimension, which is often lacking in larger backyards that can appear empty or featureless.

Less wear and tear on furniture & finishings

Even the sturdiest of outdoor-rated furniture needs some level of protection from the elements to avoid damage and frequent replacement. Rattan, wicker, wood, and cushion material are prone to rain damage and extensive fading from the sun. A solid roofed pergola helps to maintain the furniture and flooring material beneath, whether you have tile, wood, or composite decking. Paint and varnishes will last much longer, making this a wise investment.

More privacy

If you are craving both shade and additional privacy from neighbors, security cameras, and the occasional drone, a roofed pergola is the way to go. Depending on your location and neighborhood, privacy fences and plantings may not be sufficient. A pergola with a solid roof can provide the seclusion your outdoor spaceneeds..

Boosts market value of your home

An attractive roofed pergola brings an element of luxury to your backyard living space. It bridges the gap between your home and the outdoors seamlessly, and is perfect for alfresco dining, cooking, entertaining, and other recreational activities.

Creating a backyard patio with a solid roof pergola will increase your home’s market value given the growing demand for stylish and functional outdoor living spaces.

Serenity Pergolas by Outdoor Elements provide full weather protection with a solid, insulated roof. Isn’t it time to create your dream backyard oasis with a luxury roofed pergola? Contact us today to discuss your vision.



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