8 Benefits of an Adjustable Aluminum Pergola

Outdoor living spaces are a fantastic way to reap the therapeutic benefits of nature. One of the easiest ways to transform a backyard, pool patio, or deck into a year-round sanctuary is with an Outdoor Elements adjustable aluminum pergola.

Whether freestanding or built to cover your adjacent patio, a pergola defines your outdoor space, protects against the elements, and adds visual interest to any home or business. If you are new to motorized pergolas engineered with extruded aluminum, read on to discover the many benefits and advantages over their wooden counterparts.

Delivers on-demand shade or sun
In contrast to a conventional wood pergola which offers limited shade due to its fixed position, an adjustable louvered roof features 180-degree rotation, allowing you to open or close the slats at different angles depending on your preference. Leave them open for unobstructed views or angle them slightly for cooling shade.

Automated Sensors

Integrated sensors automatically respond to rain or wind, offering effortless protection of belongings and furniture within the pergola. An Outdoor Elements system can be adjusted using any smart device or handheld remote control.

Options to customize
Aluminum pergolas are custom built for you and can be customized in any number of ways to create the aesthetic you desire.

  • Over 22 classic and designer colors and finishes
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Designer fans
  • Misting systems
  • Automated screens for added privacy and pest control
  • Infratech and Bromic heating systems

Lightweight for easy installation

Aluminum is stronger and lighter than wood, making the pergolas easier to assemble and install on terraces and rooftops where load-bearing is a concern.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Extruded aluminum is non-porous and built to withstand tough weather conditions for decades. This material is an excellent choice for its minimal upkeep. There is no risk of pest infestation, warping, rot, or mold with an Outdoor Elements aluminum pergola.

Proven Durability

All components are coated with a superior grade exterior powder coating, making them extremely resistant to rust or corrosion. Powder-coated aluminum outperforms other pergola materials, ensuring longevity and better value for the money.


A motorized aluminum pergola roof has a higher up-front price tag but fewer maintenance costs compared to wood, which needs to be sanded, stained and sealed regularly. In the long term, the aluminum material is a smarter investment.

Timeless beauty for your outdoor living space

When it comes to luxury pergolas, no other material delivers the beauty, versatility and durability of aluminum. Take advantage of our design team’s skill to create a spectacular outdoor space that will welcome friends, guests and family for decades to come.

Custom adjustable aluminum pergolas

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