Advantages of a Motorized Pergola for Your Commercial Project

A motorized pergola is the perfect solution for year-round enjoyment of outdoor areas– especially during inclement weather. The convenience of this louvered roof system for hotels, restaurants, and other commercial projects is unmatched. With the push of a button on your smartphone or remote control, you can adjust the louvered slats to the desired angle– letting in just the right amount of light and air.

Unmatched convenience

Unlike traditional lattice pergolas or those with solid rooftop coverings, a motorized pergola delivers the best of both worlds: on-demand weather protection and cool breezes and shade when desired. A pergola with an electric motor quietly adjusts louvers to your chosen setting and can accommodate any angle from 0 to 180 degrees. This versatility makes outdoor spaces more functional– particularly important in hospitality businesses like resorts, beer gardens, and eateries.

Extreme durability

Made from 100% extruded aluminum, these motorized systems are built to last 20+ years and aren’t vulnerable to mildew, mold, or pests. A premium exterior coating protects the pergola and louvers from oxidation and weather-related deterioration for decades of low-maintenance protection over swimming pool areas, atriums, patios, and terraces.

pergola for an outside venue

Automated weather sensors

Integrated sensors automatically shut louvers when it rains– another prime advantage for business establishments looking to optimize covered outdoor areas.  This feature promises worry-free weather protection for guests without having to be physically present.

Increases usable outdoor space and revenue

Forward-thinking bars, restaurants, and hotels are taking advantage of motorized pergolas to increase their usable outdoor seating and dining space while providing guests with more inviting options. Patrons can enjoy an alfresco meal, cocktails under the stars, or social events while remaining cool, dry, and comfortable.

Customize the look and design

Aesthetics and compatibility with existing architectural styles are essential when revamping an outdoor commercial space. There is no shortage of colors and finishes to choose from, and motorized pergolas can be installed on free-standing structures or attached to a courtyard, deck, or terrace. Multiple units can be joined together to accommodate larger areas, and optional features (think heating elements and drop-down screens) boost the luxury quotient.

In the market for a motorized louvered pergola?

If you’re in the market for a commercial motorized pergola that is customized to your needs, Outdoor Elements is ready to help. Our national dealer network is happy to provide more information about the most versatile and luxurious pergola roof systems available today.

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