Advantages of a Pergola with a Dual Wall Louver System

If you have a patio at your home desperately in need of protection from the elements, a dual wall system pergola is the perfect option. Outdoor Elements specializes in patio covers that simultaneously enhance comfort and aesthetic appeal. Our pergolas are also ideal for properties located in regions where weather extremes are a constant occurrence.

How Dual Wall Louvers Maintain Comfort in Extreme Weather

The innovative dual wall system is equipped to withstand all types of extreme weather. In areas where high temperatures and humidity are consistent, this system becomes an effective thermal barrier. That means you’ll experience cooler, comfortable temperatures when lounging under the pergola, no matter what the weather is like.

This also offers protection in snowy climates, where temperatures can be uncomfortably low. In this case, the dual wall configuration will insulate the area for optimal warmth and comfort. This design is also compatible with a single zone system, which boosts comfort even further by efficiently heating and cooling the area.

Additional Features Offered by Our Dual Wall System

A dual wall system pergola from Outdoor Elements also offers many other benefits, including:

Regulating Sunlight Exposure

Louvered pergolas can be adjusted to ensure the desired amount of sun exposure. On days when the sun is particularly intense, you can ensure the proper protection from its rays.

Rain and Weather Protection

Much like sun exposure, our louvered roofs also allow you to spend time outdoors on rainy days. And because we use water resistant designs, you can rest easy knowing that your pergola is as robust and rugged as they come.

Shelter During Unpredictable Weather

If weather patterns tend to change without notice where you live, a quality shelter is key. Our pergolas can be adjusted to maintain protection against rapidly changing weather conditions for maximum comfort and protection.

Unparalleled Architecture and Design

While the functional features of our pergolas are impressive enough on their own, consider the visual impact a sun covering can have on your property. A new pergola over your porch or patio will greatly enhance aesthetic appeal while also boosting comfort on your property. We also utilize powder coated aluminum in the construction, which provides durability and aesthetic appeal in equal measure.

All Our Pergolas Come With Some Impressive Features

While we’re quite proud of our dual wall system, all pergolas offered by Outdoor Elements are outfitted with some great features:

  • Smart Control App – Engage the many functions and features of your pergola right from your mobile device. You can also set schedules for lighting and louvers for maximum convenience.


  • Customizable Lighting – Brighten up your environment with our impressive lighting features. Use the LED RGB option to select colors based on your mood.


  • Colors and Finishes – To ensure optimal visual appeal, our pergolas come in a wide variety of attractive colors and finishes. You can also combine colors, such as choosing a primary shade and an accent shade.

These features ensure that our customers experience the very best in form and function when choosing one of our impressive pergola designs.

Learn More by Visiting Outdoor Elements Today

Your home is your refuge, and Outdoor Elements can help you find a pergola that boosts comfort and enjoyment of your exterior spaces. Shop today to see our full range of products.

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