All the Benefits of Louvered Patio Covers

Transform your backyard into a luxury retreat with a louvered patio cover. Outdoor Elements offers customizable products that give you complete control over your environment to maximize your enjoyment of the great outdoors and improve comfort in all four seasons. Continue reading to learn more about the many benefits of this increasingly popular patio upgrade.

What Is a Louvered Patio Cover?

Louvered patio covers are a relatively new phenomenon that first debuted in Australia in the 1980s and gained traction in the United States in the 2000s. Early versions used steel coils on pivot louvers that could turn 12 inches without bending. Today’s systems function like window blinds or shutters – only motorized and comprised of lightweight aluminum — to regulate sun and airflow. Louvered systems can be designed in various architectural styles, colors, materials, and aesthetics to match your home’s décor.

Extend Your Living Space with a Pergola Alternative

Pergolas add beauty to the backyard environment, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. However, these fixed structures offer little versatility or control. Louvered patio covers are a top-of-the-line alternative to traditional pergolas that create additional living space for dining, studying, exercising, or relaxing with family and friends.

Sing in the Rain, Soak up the Sun Under an Adjustable Louvered Patio Cover

An adjustable louvered patio cover invites you outdoors, no matter what the forecast entails. You may want to be out in the fresh garden air, enjoying the light pitter-patter of rain on your patio roof, without getting soaked. Or you may want to open the louvers and dance in the puddles. Adjust the louvers to keep a chilling breeze away. On a sweltering, sunny day, you can adjust the angle and amount of sunlight filtering through to get the perfect ambiance.

Extend the Seasons with a Controllable Outdoor Patio Cover

It’s a chilly November morning, but you can feel quite cozy with an overhead heater and the louvers closed. You can close the louvers to trap warmth from your hot tub as well. Later, in June, you can open the louvers to let in that warm morning sunshine or view the stars by night.

Block UV Light and Live Your Best Life

Enjoy the outdoors without hurting your eyes or damaging your skin by redirecting the sunlight, no matter where the sun is positioned. Skip the inconvenience of sunglasses, sun hats, UV-blocking shirts, and sunblock. Filter the right amount of light in for the day’s activities, whether you’re reading, working out, enjoying a cup of coffee, planting flowers, or playing with the grandkids.  

Boost the Lifespan of Your Furniture with a Louvered Patio Cover

You’ve paid thousands of dollars for your patio furniture, so why allow it to become sun-beaten, wet, dirty, and destroyed by the elements? A louvered patio cover protects your furniture from strong winds, pounding rain, and sun warping. The strong steel frame and powder-coated aluminum blades are corrosion and rust-resistant, designed to last for decades – unlike flimsy umbrellas or awnings that may not last the season. Furthermore, you’ll protect your home from pooling water with the patio cover’s integrated gutter system.

Adding a Patio with Louvered Roof Increases Real Estate Value and Reduces Taxes

The American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey found that patios and outdoor amenities were the #1 rated “special feature” of a home for over seven consecutive years. Installing a patio with louvered roof packs your real estate with “wow factor,” greater curb appeal, and adds lasting value to the home.

Exterior improvements like stairs, porches, patios, and patio covers are considered capital improvements to the home, which not only increase your property value, but also serve as a tax write-off for the year installed. 

Imagine Your Patio with a Louvered Patio Roof 

A louvered patio roof is a gift you give yourself to maximize your home investment and backyard. Modern, innovative patio covers can be augmented with lighting, fans, curtains, and heating for the ultimate alfresco experience. Contact Outdoor Elements to discover how a louvered patio cover can improve your outdoor space, whether it’s a sitting area, summer kitchen, swimming pool, hot tub, bar, backyard movie theater, firepit, or garden.






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