Can I Have a Flat Roof Pergola?

Is a flat roof pergola a good option for creating a comfortable outdoor living space? Yes, absolutely. Whether installed over an existing patio or as a freestanding structure in your backyard, a flat roof pergola offers numerous advantages to  homeowners.

Featuring clean lines and a 90-degree roof-to-post angle, flat pergolas work seamlessly with most houses and exterior environments. At Outdoor Elements USA, we can customize your flat roof pergola to accommodate size requirements, color palette, architectural finishes, and appearance.

What are the benefits of a flat roof pergola?

Compared to dome roofs, curved roofs, and gable roofs, flat roofs are less costly to build in terms of both materials and labor. A flat roof pergola is easily accessible without extra tall ladders which makes cleaning our state-of-the-art pergolas minimal. Our pergola systems are also engineered with high-grade extruded aluminum that is weather-resistant, won’t rust, and is built to last for decades.

Functionality and versatile design

The structure of a flat roof pergola allows for full or partial shade without blocking views or air circulation. The design provides an inviting outdoor environment that can easily be made to feel more private with the addition of automated screens, curtains, hanging plants, or even sliding doors.

Depending on your local climate, you may decide to upgrade your flat roofed pergola with insulated roof panels or motorized louvers that allow you to dial in just the right amount of sun, shade, or protection from the rain. Need to accommodate a larger space? Our flat pergolas  are custom  made and can create specific shapes and meet your individual design needs.

Never worry about water drainage

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, or an area with regular rainfall, you may be wondering how a flat roof design handles water runoff. Unlike a gabled pergola, a flat roof doesn’t have a steep slope to direct excess water. If you install a traditional pergola with fixed beams that are spaced slightly apart, rainwater drainage is not an issue (Nizagara). We have outfitted our solid roof and louvered pergolas are an entirely different story.

To facilitate the drainage of water on a mostly flat surface, we have engineered our pergola systems with gutters that are discreetly integrated into the pergola design.

Myriad options to personalize

Do you envision a contemporary pergola that fits in with your minimalist style? Or are you looking for an outdoor structure that expands upon the farmhouse aesthetic of your home and garden? Whatever your architectural and style preferences, we can design, manufacture and install a custom flat roof pergola that functions as a graceful transition between inside and out.

Some of the custom features and amenities of our products include:

  • Integrated LED downlights, post lights, and recessed lighting
  • Creative color options and designer finishes
  • Automated privacy screens
  • Smart controls for hassle-free weather protection
  • Designer Fans
  • Heating and misting systems
  • Insulated panels for better temperature control
  • Optional cantilevers, post wraps, and corbels

Outdoor Elements pergola roofs are designed and built in the USA and feature a premium client care warranty. Contact us today to learn more about creating your dream outdoor living space.

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