Choosing a Color for Your Louvered Pergola

Adding a louvered pergola to your backyard or patio is an excellent way to increase the functionality of outdoor spaces.  There are dozens of options for customization, especially when purchasing a luxury louvered system from Outdoor Elements.  The pergola colors you select can dramatically impact the overall aesthetic and set the tone for your residential or commercial outdoor space.

Whether it’s a simple backyard pergola or a stunning covered outdoor kitchen, color selection is an important decision. Do you want a pergola that blends with existing color palettes and design or steals the spotlight?

Create a Customized Outdoor Space


Today’s aluminum pergolas come in an extensive range of colors and finishes, including warm, earthy tones that connect back to nature, as well as brighter hues that are beautifully on-trend. The current favorites tend toward neutral shades such as light gray, bronze, and taupe.

If you’re keen on darker colors, you might consider a lighter tone for the louvers. The idea is to choose colors that are harmonious and create a balanced effect. Our team of experienced designers can help with selecting your perfect colors to match with your design aesthetic. Every project– and color selection– is designed to meet your expectations. The right color combination can provide contrast while creating continuity with the surrounding landscape and decor.

You can coordinate your pergola with any number of architectural elements, including floor surfaces like decking, pool tiles, or even the bright white trim on your house and gutters. This can be achieved with any of our classic colors (white, bronze, taupe, tan, black, and platinum gray) or incorporating some of our 16 designer colors for a timeless look.

Other Considerations for Pergola Colors

Another factor to consider is the amount of heat or cold during the seasons. Darker colors tend to absorb sunlight, making patios feel hotter, whereas lighter shades reflect the sun. Louvers painted a darker shade may also make the outdoor space feel smaller. This may be a win-win situation for those looking for a cozy, intimate vibe.

In contrast, a pure white or pebble grey louvered pergola can make the space feel much larger and open. Many property owners opt for the best of both worlds: a two-tone scheme that uses darker colors for the beams and lighter shades for the horizontal slats.

Whatever color scheme you choose, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about maintenance or corrosion. That’s because all aluminum components are powder coated with a super exterior grade coating.

Design Your Dream Pergola

From initial concept and color selection to the final stage of installation, Outdoor Elements USA is here to help you design a louvered pergola that elevates your backyard oasis. Contact us to talk to our experts today.

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