Do Outdoor Patio Heaters Really Work?

Patio heaters really are an effective way to warm up any outdoor area.. They utilize radiant heat to warm up exterior spaces–including decks, terraces, patios, gardens, and porches. How well a patio heater functions depends on several factors, the most important being:

  • BTU specifications or watt capacities
  • The amount of space needed to heat
  • The type of fuel used, including propane, natural gas, electricity, or infrared
  • The location and ambient temperature

Whether you live in a mild climate or want to cozy up on a frosty winter’s evening, patio heaters are an effective solution for extending your outdoor enjoyment.

How Patio Heaters Disperse Warmth

Outdoor patio heaters emit electromagnetic waves that travel through the air, warming up nearby zones. The actual shape and placement of the heating element will impact heat disbursement.

If your outdoor gathering space measures approximately 18 feet, you want to find a patio heater with a minimum 48,000 BTU rating. BTU–or British Thermal Units–indicates the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

Infrared outdoor heaters are energy-efficient and come in 1,500- 4,000-watt capacities. These heating elements are designed to warm up exterior areas during the coldest weather, raising the temperature by 20 to 30 degrees.

Multiple Design Options

Patio heaters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be freestanding units, integrated into tabletops, installed as hanging light fixtures, or either flush or surface mounted into the ceiling or wall. The size of your outdoor space, mounting height clearance, and fuel source will determine the best heating option for your needs.

Compared to outdoor fire pits, patio heaters are lower maintenance and feature faster and better temperature control. Moreover, today’s patio heaters cater to a wide range of aesthetic preferences. If you want a low-profile and streamlined look with heaters that don’t take up valuable floor space, options abound.

Pergolas with Heating Systems

Patio heaters can be a great investment, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors when the temperature drops. State-of-the-art heated pergolas by Outdoor Elements can extend your patio season. Control your environment with Infratech or Bromic heating systems that can be fully integrated for a sleek appearance. Enjoy instant warmth and concentrated heat output with the touch of a button. Unlike standing patio heaters that can be an eyesore, our heating elements are stylishly incorporated into the pergola structure.

Bring customized luxury to your patio space this winter! Contact Outdoor Elements USA for more information about our range of custom and ready-to-ship products.

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