Front Yard Pergolas

Pergolas, in all of their various iterations, have been cherished backyard fixtures for centuries. They create instant charm, especially when attached to the front of a house. Whether you live in a colonial, modern, or ranch-style house, a front yard pergola can help transform the curb appeal and add interest to your home.

What is a front yard pergola?

Pergolas are different than arbors or gazebos and offer numerous advantages. A pergola can be a freestanding structure, or as is often the case with front yard additions, it can be attached directly to one exterior wall of the home. The pergola roof is flat, and traditional styles have fixed roof beams that allow for partial shade and sun. Other products include louvered roofs that can be adjusted with remote control or sensors to protect against rain, sun, and wind. Another type of pergola is an insulated roof pergola which is a solid covering, with no automated adjustment, leaving the roof in the same position at all times.

Adds curb appeal and character

Curb appeal matters and one of the best ways to add style is with a pergola over a front porch or patio. This architectural element can be embellished with decorative light fixtures which can illuminate your entryway and add style.. A front yard pergola adds visual interest and unique character to your home.

Extends outdoor living space

Pergolas are a smart and cost-effective way to expand your living space. More homeowners are embracing the concept of outdoor living and creating areas that reflect their unique sense of style. A pergola, that defines and frames a space, can be outfitted with any number of finishes and features.

A few Adirondack chairs under a pergola can create an inviting space in the front of the house. It provides another seating area to socialize with neighbors and friends and reminds homeowners that entertaining doesn’t have to be limited to the backyard.

The various pergolas offered by Outdoor Elements USA are fully customizable to easily integrate with your existing architecture and design aesthetic.. This design flexibility allows homeowners to create a welcoming front yard sanctuary where one can enjoy the fresh air and shade coverage.

Endless design options

Our pergolas are manufactured with the highest quality materials and can be modified with integrated LED lighting, heating systems, privacy screens, fans, and other modern features.

For more information on ways to get creative in your front yard and boost curb appeal, talk to our experts today!

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