History of Louvered Roofs

In the late 1950s, American homeowners began to embrace the concept of outdoor living. The backyard patio became the hotspot for weekend barbeques and relaxing pool parties. Most sought shade beneath pergolas or fabric patio covers until the aluminum awning debuted. Marketed as the best way to “keep summer heat out,” these solid structures excelled in providing shade but did little in the way of ventilation, not to mention aesthetics.

Over the following years, numerous shade products were invented to provide all-weather protection, but few were as successful or well-received as the louvered roof.

First Louvered Roofs Featured a Center Pivot Design

The first wave of louvered patio roofs was made of heavy steel coil and featured a center pivot secured with a metal pin in the middle. This allowed you to open and close the horizontal slats in unison, and added to its versatility. Families had protection from the elements but could still open the louvers for sunlight or ventilation as desired. First-generation louvered roofs were primarily manufactured in Australia and Europe. They were a considerable improvement over solid patio awnings. However, these structures were heavy and limited in size, with a maximum span of just 12 feet.

Bottom Pivot Design

The next phase of louvered roofs featured a bottom pivot design, where the slats were affixed at set increments to the structure or rafters beneath. The size was enlarged to 24 feet, but the design was top-heavy, and the slats could only be rotated 90 degrees.

Advancements in Technology & Engineering

State-of-the-art technology and smart engineering have advanced the latest generation of louvered roof systems made here in the USA.  These roofing systems surpass their predecessors in appearance, functionality, and convenience using premium-grade materials and components.

Consider the modern features of an Outdoor Elementsautomated louvered roof:

  • Sleek tongue and groove design for a more streamlined look
  • Integrated gutter system for better rain protection
  • Quiet motorized system for on-demand sun or shade
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant powder-coated extruded aluminum
  • Louvers feature 180-degree rotation
  • Spans up to 22 feet from post to post
  • Operated by remote control or smart device app
  • Built-in roof sensors automatically close louvers when detecting wind or rain
  • Lightweight yet highly durable – built to last 20+ years
  • Integrated LED lighting components and optional heating and cooling systems

Smart Louvered Patio Roofs

Outdoor Elements louvered patio roofs embody the latest innovations in technology, engineering, and design. Our automated louvered roofs are custom made to accommodate any location, including hotels, restaurants, bars, and residential settings. Designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials right here in the USA, our louvered roofs can be added to an existing space or installed as a freestanding roof.  An Outdoor Elements system can be controlled using smart technology or with our proprietary handheld remote control.

Want to transform your outdoor living space? Contact us today for more information!

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