How Can I Create Shade in My Backyard?

Homeowners can create backyard shade with greenery and structures to keep outdoor spaces cool and comfortable. Depending on your goals and patio set-up, multiple methods are available  for creating the perfect alfresco retreat for relaxing and entertaining.

If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing shade solutions that will stand the test of time and offer year-round protection, consider the following options.

Plant Fast-Growing Trees

Whether you live in Northern California or the flatlands of Texas, shade can be a good friend on  warm summer days. Planting shade trees is a budget-friendly option for backyards of all sizes, but it requires patience. Some of the fastest-growing varieties include red oak, paper birch, cottonwood, sunset maple, quaking aspen, and bald cypress. Many of these species can grow up to 20 inches per year and reach heights of 25-75 feet. With the right location and care, these trees can provide a beautiful shady look for your backyard in just a few years. An added benefit to consider is that large shade trees can also lower your home’s overall energy costs.

Latticework with Climbing Vines

Not willing to wait years for some backyard shade? There are plenty of climbing vines and plants that grow much faster and are easy to care for. The key is planting them on a latticework screen, fence, or other structure for optimum sun protection. Summer squash has fast-growing climbing vines, as do grapes and ivy. Morning glory and wisteria also make beautiful walls of lush greenery speckled with flowers.


Install a Patio Pergola

Adding a patio pergola to your backyard creates a fully or partially shaded seating area where you can enjoy meals, relax, and socialize with family and friends. Unlike umbrellas, fabric awnings, or shade sails, pergolas are permanent structures with a roof system that can either have separated beams that allow partial shade, a solid covering for full protection, or  adjustable louvers for use in different weather conditions. Pergolas complement several architectural styles and are a popular choice for both urban and rural settings.

In addition, customization is a great advantage . For example, for enhanced sun protection and extra privacy, you can add automated shades that completely enclose your seating area.

Add a Second Story Deck

A second-story deck is a more extensive project that entails building permits, but it can vastly expand  the usability outdoor living space. If you have a single-story home, you can build stairs from the backyard to access the new balcony. A cantilevered second-story deck can create shade over your backyard patio and may increase the resale value of your home.

Cooling Shade for Your Backyard Space

If style, functionality, and longevity are important for your backyard shade structure, reach out to Outdoor Elements USA. We have decades of experience manufacturing luxury pergola products that elevate the quality of outdoor living. Featuring a durable powder coating and extruded aluminum construction, our patio pergolas are backed by a premium client care warranty. Contact us today to speak with our team of experts.

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