How Do I Choose the Right Awning?

Research is essential when choosing the right awning for your home or business. While there are plenty of trendy options available, it’s a good idea to consider some key variables before spending those hard-earned dollars on a shade structure.

As we know, awnings can provide much-needed shade and weather protection. In addition, they can enhance outdoor spaces dramatically, making them comfortable and inviting year-round. Whether attached to the side of a building, or a freestanding structure, awnings can make outdoor entertaining and dining a pleasure, rain or shine. A previously open terrace or deck is instantly transformed into an outdoor gathering spot– where you can enjoy the fresh air and views but are still protected from the elements.

How do you decide on the right awning for your needs and design preferences? Take a look at these handy tips.

Material matters

While appearance is important, pay special attention to the durability of the awning material used. Will it stand up to wind, rain, and scorching sun? Will it turn green and moldy during the winter months? When you purchase an awning, you want something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. With this in mind, steer clear of fabric awnings that often need replacing every five years or less. For superior durability and longevity, powder coated aluminum is a better choice. A powder coated  aluminum patio awning withstands harsh weather, is corrosion resistant, and can block more heat than its canvas counterparts.

Stationary versus louvered awnings

Stationary awnings protect furniture and belongings from inclement weather and make it more enjoyable to spend time outside during warmer summer months. They offer shade from the sun’s glare but are permanently fixed in position.

In contrast, a louvered roof awning provides more control over your outdoor area. This type of awning allows you to rotate the louvers in both directions depending on weather conditions and the angle of the sun. The slats allow light and air to pass through while also giving the desired level of shade.

The louvers can be closed completely for a watertight seal if it rains. Some louvered patio awnings can be operated with a smartphone or remote control and even have integrated sensors that close the louvers when it rains.

Design and customization options

Louvered roof systems can be designed to cover any size space and offer a number of exciting options for customization. Different colors and finishes are available, and many people upgrade their patio space with privacy screens, LED lighting, designer fans, and built-in heating systems.

Enhance your outdoor living space

From aesthetics to curb appeal, there are many benefits to choosing a louvered roof awning to enhance your outdoor space. Here at Outdoor Elements USA, we have designed and installed custom louvered systems for residential and commercial spaces across the country. Choose a state-of-the-art product that you can depend on for years to come- contact us today for more information.

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