What Does ‘Louvered’ Mean?

The adjective ‘louvered’ means fitted with louvers for ventilation. A louver – pronounced loover – is a series of narrow openings framed at their outside, longer edges with overlapping slats fixed at regular intervals. These slats can be angled to allow light or air to pass through, or to block out sun and rain.

Louvers are parallel, horizontal blades or slats that are designed to regulate shade, light, ventilation, and water. They can be made of wood, glass, metal, or other materials. Outdoor Elements louvered roof systems are engineered with the highest quality materials, including high-grade extruded aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners. The aluminum components are powder coated with a superior (Super Durable) exterior grade coating making them highly resistant to corrosion and deterioration. In architecture, louvers are mounted in a frame, and typically seen in windows, walls, or doors  and can help keep out dust and water. Louvers can be stationary (fixed) or adjustable for more functionality.

Function and History of Louvers

Dating back to the 1500s, louvers were fitted on house rooftops as a practical way to promote ventilation while keeping snow, dirt, and rain out. Over time, improvements were made to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of louvered windows, roofs, and doors.

Today, louvered windows, roofs, and other design elements are popular in residential and commercial buildings due to their ability to prevent rain ingress. Louvered slats are used to ensure proper airflow, reduce noise pollution, buffer strong winds, and to control light. The result is better ventilation, weather protection, and overall comfort.

Modern Louvered Roof Systems

Although they have been around for centuries, louvered roofs have gradually improved with advancements in technology, engineering, and available materials. Motorized aluminum louvered roofs for backyard patios and outdoor living areas are a classic example.

Operated by remote control or a smart device, these motorized systems allow you to control the level of sunlight or shade with the touch of a button. In a fully closed position, the louvered roof keeps the space below comfortable and dry. This means your outdoor plans aren’t dictated by weather, and you can avoid getting soaked on rainy days.

When the sun is beating down, angle the louvers to provide the desired amount of shade and ventilation. Within minutes, you have a cooler, more comfortable spot to enjoy the outdoors. This shade protection shields your skin from damaging UV rays and extends the life of outdoor furniture in the process.

If the barometric pressure drops suddenly or the wind picks up, built-in sensors will close the louvers automatically for worry-free protection from the elements. Our Outdoor Elements premium louvered roofs utilize heavy-duty extruded aluminum that is rust and corrosion resistant.

Adjustable Louvered Patio Roofing

A louvered roof from Outdoor Elements incorporates state-of-the-art technology and smart engineering to elevate your outdoor living experience. Designed and manufactured here in the U.S.A., our systems are custom built to your exact specifications.

Contact us for more information about our louvered roof systems for residential and commercial applications.

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