What Is a Freestanding Pergola?

A freestanding pergola is supported by at least four posts and is not attached to any edifice or structure. Because freestanding pergolas are not anchored to walls or buildings, their columns must be firmly mounted – usually in concrete footings.

Unlike attached pergolas, which are great space-saving structures in small outdoor areas, freestanding pergolas are better suited for larger expanses, where there are no restrictions on size, orientation, or pergola height. Since you don’t have to affix a freestanding pergola to the wall of an existing building, you have more versatility when it comes to dimensions, location, and design.

Features of Freestanding Pergolas

A freestanding, or self-supporting pergola has fewer limitations in terms of enhancing outdoor living areas. You can create a sheltered space that is completely separate from indoor areas, making the design possibilities infinite.

The space underneath a freestanding pergola can be used for outdoor dining, entertainment, cooking, or a quiet retreat for meditation and yoga. Without size constraints, a standalone pergola can be built to cover entire swimming pools or create a stylish party area for afternoon cocktails and grilling.

Like all pergolas, freestanding versions offer weather and sun protection. Traditionally, this is achieved by live foliage, shade cloth, or canopies. The downside of these traditional coverings is the lack of flexibility, since they are designed to either filter light or block it out completely – with little choice in between.

Louvered Pergola Benefits

For year-round versatility, more property owners are covering their pergolas with motorized louvered roofs. A freestanding louvered pergola is a modern shade solution, offering the best of both worlds for protecting outdoor living spaces. When you want cooling shade on a steamy summer day, simply push a button to angle the louvers or close them completely. Louvered pergolas elevate your outdoor experience, by providing a covered space where you are always in control of the elements.

Wind, rain, and sunlight won’t spoil your party, since the louvers can be rotated a full 180 degrees for customized comfort. Enjoy cooler temperatures on sizzling days, and never worry about unexpected downpours, since automated sensors close the louvers when it rains.

Louvered pergolas are available in a wide selection of designer colors and powder-coated finishes, meaning you’ll never sacrifice aesthetics for year-round weather protection. There is also optional LED lighting, ceiling fans, misting systems, retractable privacy screens, and heating elements for a truly customized look that takes your outdoor space to the next level.

Luxury Louvered Roofs for Pergolas

Louvered roof systems by Outdoor Elements are engineered with the highest quality materials and components, which are backed with a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty. Our team can help transform your backyard patio or rooftop bistro into an outdoor retreat that is welcoming throughout the seasons.

For more details on our louvered roofs for freestanding pergolas, and the endless design possibilities, contact us today!

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