What Is an Open Pergola?

An open pergola is an outdoor structure with a latticed roof supported by two or four columns. The roof’s beams or slats are fixed in place, allowing sky views and partial protection from sun and rain. Pergolas have been used for centuries and praised for their beauty and versatility.

Open-roof pergolas enhance any backyard space and are usually installed on a concrete patio or pavers. In this way, you can create a comfortable seating area beneath it. The open roof gives some protection from harsh UV rays, but is still open to the elements. Open pergolas can give character and visual interest to outdoor spaces and provide the perfect medium to support flowering vines like morning glory, wisteria, honeysuckle, or passion flower. When properly trained, the vines can spread and cover the semi-open lattice top, creating a botanical roof cover.

What are the advantages of open pergolas?

An open pergola improves the appeal and functionality of outdoor environments. These traditional structures give the impression of an enclosed space in backyard areas that are perfect for entertaining and relaxing. They extend outdoor living areas and are easy to install and maintain. While they provide the sensation of an enclosed room, the open-air top allows plenty of sunshine to filter through. There is a simplistic elegance in the open pergola design, which dates back more than 3000 years. Open air pergolas promise shade on hot summer days, as well as a cool gathering spot for family and friends.

How is an open pergola constructed?

Compared to motorized versions, an open pergola is a much simpler structure to build and install. They are often constructed of pressure-treated wood, fiberglass, or extruded aluminum. The design is straightforward: usually, two or four posts that support beams that are arranged in a horizontal or criss-cross pattern. A trellis – or framework meant to support climbing plants and vines – may be added to one side of the pergola to facilitate extra shade or privacy. With time, a climbing rose bush or bougainvillea can provide a lovely “living wall.”

Comfortable outdoor living space

Today’s open pergolas can be built in virtually any shape or style and outfitted with cutting-edge features that truly elevate the outdoor experience. Whether near a pool or a backyard garden, pergolas invite everyone in with their partial shade and beauty. They offer a comfortable gathering area for friends and family to share a meal, play games, or simply enjoy the fresh air. Adorned with your favorite colors, design accents, and accessories, pergolas bring that finishing touch to a backyard landscape and ultimately add value to your home.

Bring beauty to your backyard space

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