What is the Best Patio Cover Material?

In terms of strength and durability, extruded aluminum is the best patio cover material on the market today. If you want to take your patio or deck to the next level while maximizing outdoor living potential, it’s all about choosing the right roofing material.

An extruded aluminum patio cover provides superior, year-round protection because it doesn’t warp, crack, or generate mold. Aluminum is ideal for properties along the coast or in humid climates where salt and moisture are constant threats to the integrity of other common building materials.

Why aluminum is a superior patio cover choice

The material used to make a patio or pergola shade is significant for several reasons. First, consider routine maintenance. Do you want to install a roof or shade structure that needs to be sanded, repainted, or varnished every couple of years? Or treated with special products to keep mildew and pest infestations at bay? Wood is a beautiful material, but most types are not particularly weather-resistant. Wood structures are less expensive to install and impart a rustic farmhouse look. However, they may cost more in the long-term when factoring in re-staining and repeated applications of waterproof sealants.

Next, it is important to think about the versatility of your patios design. While vinyl is another popular material for covering backyard patios, it doesn’t allow for the same customization as a powder coated finished louvered roof.Vinyl is available in different colors, but it cannot be painted a custom shade to complement your home. This means you are limited to color optionsthat  may not match your existing architecture or landscape. In addition, with constant sun exposure, vinyl color tends to fade.

Finally, a canvas or fabric patio cover is an economical choice for providing shade.Shade cloth does not stand up to harsh weather and will do little in the way of keeping you dry when it rains. Once wet, shade cloth is prone to mold, mildew, and occasional leaks. And even dense weave cloth is unable to block powerful UV rays that can cause skin damage.

The extruded aluminum difference

The strongest patio roofs are made with high-quality extruded aluminum. These components are used in structures where precision is critical, including NASA equipment. It is formed from a large sheet of aluminum melted to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and then run through a press and metal die. The result is a hard-wearing component that is 8″ thick and resistant to changing weather conditions.

Create Your Picture-Perfect Patio

If you want a patio cover that is as durable as it is stylish and functional, we invite you to speak with one of our experts at Outdoor Elements USA. Our louvered roof systems are engineered with high-grade extruded aluminum components and stainless-steel fasteners. Buy Modafinil online https://dodgecityksdental.com/patient-resources/modafinil/

Unlike other patio covers that are painted, our aluminum roofs are filled and protected with exterior grade powder coating, which is baked at 400 degrees for superior endurance. The powder coating thickness is rated at 5.0+, more than double the industry standard.

Our machine cut and factory powder coating process protects all the edges exposed when cutting and installing on-site. This precision-engineered system ensures a longer-lasting shade structure that is custom-designed to your specifications.

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