Are Louvered Roofs Waterproof?

In short, yes. The unique design of louvered roofs makes them waterproof. They are manufactured to be watertight during showers and have an integrated gutter system that allows the rain to run off.

Louvered roofs work similarly to window blinds with a tongue and groove series of panels that rotate to allow sun and shade as desired. As with any roofing system, waterproofing is a major consideration, and louvers really do keep the rain out.

Interlocking design creates a watertight seal

Louvered roofs have an interlocking design that protects your space from the elements, including heavy rain showers. When the louvers are partially open, breezes and sunlight filters into the covered outdoor area. When in the closed position, the roof transforms into a watertight cover. Rainwater is channeled away in built-in gutters and downspouts, allowing you to continue activities without getting soaked.

When it comes to keeping your outdoor space dry, other options such as retractable canopies or shade cloth will not do the trick as they are not built with waterproof protection in mind. Only a louvered roof can prevent residual water from leaking into the space below. Strategically placed gutters offer more than mere function as they are incorporated discreetly into the structure for a sleek aesthetic.

Automatic rain sensors close the louvers

The smart design of louvered roofs gives ample protection during downpours and sudden showers, but what if you’re away when the skies open and no one is available to close the louvers manually?  This isn’t a problem when you choose a system equipped with electronic rain sensors. Louvers will automatically close when high humidity and droplets of water are detected. This technological feature means worry-free protection of your outdoor space and furnishings, no matter how temperamental the weather.

Roof systems may also be synced with smart controls and apps that allow you to open and close the louvers with a convenient remote control or smartphone.

A worthy investment that pays for itself

A louvered roof may seem costly at first, but it’s an investment that pays for itself once you consider the long-term advantages and convenience these watertight systems afford. Hotels, bars, and restaurants stand to boost profitability since unexpected weather conditions won’t hamper outdoor eating and special events. For homeowners who’ve always wanted an outdoor kitchen or entertainment area, louvered roofs are the number one choice among designers and architects, thanks to their weather-proof design, smart technology, and various customization options.

Make outdoor spaces more inviting

Waterproof louvered roof systems by Outdoor Elements are designed to facilitate outdoor living enjoyment throughout the seasons. Manufactured with high-grade aluminum components and built-in

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