Backyard Dining Area

Eat Outside On The Patio

outside covered patio dining area Nothing beats an outdoor meal with family and friends on a beautiful day. The greenery, the views, and fresh breezes always elevate the food and the pleasure of the company. The psychological and physical benefits of spending time outdoors are well documented. Some of those benefits include reduced stress levels, improved mood, and a strengthened immune response.

So, how do you create a backyard dining area that's enjoyable year-round, rain or shine? With a motorized louvered roof from Outdoor Elements. With a fully-adjustable patio roof over your dining area, a drizzle or heavy winds won't disrupt your plans. A covered outdoor dining area brings the comforts and pleasures of the indoors right into your backyard, whether it's a cozy patio, terrace, or poolside area.

Ideas for Alfresco Dining at Home

Looking for backyard dining area ideas to revamp your space? One of the most popular design trends in outdoor dining is hygge-- a Danish concept that prioritizes comfortable living. Your family and guests will want to spend more time dining outdoors amid a cozy and welcoming environment. With a protective roof over your heads, you won't have to sacrifice style over function when selecting outdoor finishes.

Patio furniture can be notoriously uncomfortable or lacking in aesthetics-- but sheltered from the elements-- your backyard oasis can be outfitted with plush seating that invites guests to linger for hours. Consider design accents with rugs, lanterns, candles, and decorative pillows that create the ambiance you want.

If your yard doesn't have a lot of natural greenery, try strategically placed planters around the dining space or a centerpiece of flowers. Swivel chairs also make great seating for post-meal conversation and companionship.

Fully Customizable Backyard Dining Rooms

An Outdoor Elements louvered roof expands the possibilities for dining in the fresh air, no matter the weather conditions.  Covered outdoor dining is more than just a design trend among savvy homeowners -- it creates more usable living space and seamless integration between interiors and exteriors.

Louvered patio covers are fully customizable and can be tailored to accommodate any space, turning your backyard into an elegant and cozy dining oasis. Choose from a broad range of colors and gorgeous finishes to create an open-air dining area that speaks to your style-- be it industrial-inspired, minimalist, mid-century, or modern farmhouse.

Designer screens and deluxe heating systems featuring Infratech or Bromic Heating can be incorporated for the ultimate in privacy and comfort. From family sit-downs to holiday celebrations-- a louvered roof system makes outdoor backyard dining both easy and fun.

Create Your Outdoor Dining Oasis

A luxury louvered roof by Outdoor Elements can transform your backyard deck or patio into an inviting outdoor dining area for family and friends. Fully automated louvers mean an unexpected rain shower won't ruin your alfresco brunch, family dinner, or happy hour cocktails. Enjoy intimate, casual meals or dinner parties-- long after the sun goes down-- under the warm glow of soft LED lights.

Our state-of-the-art motorized louvered roofs for residential spaces let you take advantage of the greenery, fresh air, and views of your backyard 365 days a year. Contact us to get started or learn more about our custom-manufactured products.

Embrace Luxurious Outdoor Living Designed Just for You

Make your outdoor living space reflect your individual style and expand your home to capture moments in tune with nature from peaceful relaxation to festive celebrations. Contact us to learn more about how Outdoor Elements louvered roofs can bring a new level of luxury to your home.