A Backyard Upgrade Will Expand Your Idea of Home

In today’s “party at home” environment, wouldn’t it be great if you had more space for entertaining? Better still, wouldn’t it be great if that space were outdoors? You’d be surprised how much space you gain when you extend the living area of your home into your backyard. With a little imagination, a well-made design, and high-quality construction, you can seamlessly combine the interior and exterior of your home. Regardless of where you live or limitations you think you might have, a beautiful, covered backyard oasis can be yours. Let us explain.


Expand the comforts of your home outdoors

When designing an outdoor living space for entertaining, alfresco dining, or family time, you don’t want to end up with an area that’s only used during warmer months or is off-limits when rain clouds pass overhead. A louvered roof, either attached to your home or a stand-alone structure, allows you to spend time outside whenever you like.  An Outdoor Elements powered louvered roof transforms your backyard into a living area that is both practical and beautiful, accentuating your interior design, the architecture of your home, and the natural beauty surrounding your home.

A defined outdoor space inherently lends a sense of privacy and comfort that draws you right to it. These environments truly feel like an extension of the rooms within the home itself. Outfitted with cozy furnishings and decorations that capture your style, your covered backyard will undoubtedly become the focal point for all your entertaining. Louvered roof pergolas and patio covers enhance your lifestyle and boost the value of your home.

backyard with white louvered roof

Multiple benefits of a backyard oasis

The beauty of having a covered backyard oasis is manifold. For one, it extends your home’s square footage of usable living space substantially, providing a serene spot for spending quality time. Plus, it can be designed and built to accommodate how you envision using the area.

For some homeowners, that means installing a fully-functioning outdoor kitchen and bar area for swanky dinner parties and entertainment. For others, it’s a covered living room for game and movie nights with the family. With an adjustable louvered patio cover that opens 180 degrees, you can enjoy just the right amount of sun, shade, or total coverage without worrying about furniture or appliances getting damaged.

With the holidays in full swing and stress levels on the rise, there are even more reasons to spend more time outdoors. Numerous studies have shown that being outside is not only beneficial for the mind, it’s good for your physical health. Spending time in natural environments helps to reset your circadian rhythms for better sleep and can even lower blood pressure levels. With a covered backyard patio, you can enjoy your haven for relaxation as well as recreation.

Customized Luxury Louver Roofs

Outdoor Elements USA can help you expand your idea of the backyard into a functional and sophisticated outdoor living space. Our louvered roofs are built to last, come in various colors and custom finishes, and have options including heating elements, lighting, fans, and more.  Contact us to learn more about what makes our residential louvered roofs a cut above the rest.


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