Create Privacy in Your Backyard

Your backyard should be a sanctuary– a quiet, protected place where you can relax with family and friends, read a book, or enjoy a morning meditation and a cup of coffee. There are many ways to enhance the privacy of outdoor environments, whether you live in the suburbs, rural America, or the heart of downtown.

If your patio real estate is at a premium, or you just need some budget-friendly solutions, take these cues for creating a private backyard paradise.

Cultivate a Living Fence

Privacy hedges have been utilized in residential landscaping for years, as they are especially helpful in demarcating property lines. A well-planned hedge can block out neighbors’ views and that of passing vehicles. And, depending on the shrub planted, these living fences can reach your desired height. They can be very effective for privacy, but take many years to grow and require the usual maintenance of irrigation, fertilizer, pruning, and pest control. In addition, some species grow faster than others, including leylandii, privet, bay laurel, and cherry laurel.

Install a Pergola

Consider a pergola if your backyard is on the smaller side or you don’t want to block the view. This classic outdoor structure provides the perfect base for climbing vines like passionflower, wisteria, and morning glory and creates a cozy, protected area that is partially shaded. Today’s pergolas feature state-of-the-art technology – and the ability to protect against sun, rain, and wind. The Outdoor Elements louvered pergola roof is an excellent example. While it doesn’t have solid walls, it does allow for additional privacy screens, curtains, or foliage to promote a feeling of seclusion.

Landscaping Features

Some homeowners opt for a mixture of open-air outdoor structures combined with strategic landscaping. A modern pergola surrounded by lush greenery– planted or hung at varying heights– creates a private yet airy oasis. Our Skyview Pergolas can be custom-built for any size or space and offer many possibilities for enhancing your backyard enjoyment.

Want a completely natural and picturesque barrier between you and your neighbors? Place hanging ferns, super-sized planters, and greenery where privacy is needed most. Consider hanging cotton or linen curtains from the pergola beams. This creates a sophisticated look while elevating the cozy factor. If noise pollution is a problem, put in a fountain or waterfall to drown out the neighborhood din.

Enjoy More Privacy in Your Backyard Space

Outdoor Elements USA offers a range of luxury pergola products to enhance privacy in your backyard or patio space. Enjoy sun and shade protection and add architectural interest to your property. Contact us for more information about our modern solutions for outdoor living.

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