How Do I Plan a Patio Layout?

Planning a patio layout that fits your lifestyle requires these considerations: purpose, location, dimensions, and design. Whether revamping your backyard to create a comfy outdoor dining space or boost the value of your home, these are the key factors to contemplate when planning your backyard sanctuary.

The trend toward outdoor living is growing, which is why homeowners are gravitating toward layouts that feature shade and weather protection. A stylish patio with a louvered roof provides a peaceful place to enjoy the great outdoors and relax with friends, no matter the season.

Increase the functionality and versatility of your outdoor space by following these patio layout tips.

What is the purpose of your patio?

Do you want an entertainment spot for parties and late-night conversation or something more casual that suits you or your growing family? First, decide whether your patio will be a place for gatherings or pure relaxation. For some homeowners, the ultimate goal is creating an outdoor kitchen replete with a BBQ grill and wood-fired pizza oven. Others want a welcoming space for watching movies and their favorite shows. By identifying the primary use of your covered patio, you can then decide on where it should be located.

Location, location, location

Think about foot traffic and the best position for your covered patio. Will it be an extension of your existing home or a freestanding patio cover in your garden or backyard? Walk around your backyard and evaluate the pros and cons of different sites. If you have nice views, take advantage of them, or if you need more privacy from neighbors, consider situating your patio for more seclusion. You don’t always have to put a patio right outside the backdoor. Consider a far corner of your yard for a peaceful getaway.

Determine appropriate size

Many property owners underestimate the space needed for a truly comfortable patio. If it’s just you and your spouse, 6 by 10 feet may be just enough real estate. But if you have kids or want to host friends and family, you may want to plan for 14 feet wide or larger. There’s no hard and fast rule for patio dimensions, but if you want to achieve a unified aesthetic, keep the size relative to the height and width of your house.

Be sure to consider the type of furniture and décor you choose. For example, is there sufficient space for a dining table, a sofa, and multiple chairs? If you want to create intimate seating areas with easy access to the kitchen, take this into your layout consideration.

Customize your design

Do you want your patio to complement the existing architectural style or something completely differentWhether you’re designing an outdoor living room or a place to enjoy coffee with the sunrise, a patio with an adjustable louvered roof keeps you comfortable in all types of weather. Integrate design details, lighting, and color palettes that speak to your tastes.

Think about décor and amenities

Bring it all together with luxurious cushions, colorful rugs, hanging plants, and other décor. A nearby water feature adds atmosphere, as does well-placed landscape lighting. For the ultimate privacy, consider automated screens that lend a cozy feel to outdoor spaces, and keep bugs out during summertime. During cooler months, a built-in heating system can ensure everyone stays warm and comfortable.

Custom louvered roofs for patios

At Outdoor Elements, our custom louvered patio roofs are meticulously and manufactured right here in the USA with the highest quality materials. Contact us to learn how our state-of-the-art roofs can elevate the luxury in your backyard.



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