How Serenity Pergolas Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space

Dreaming of a comfortable setting for social gatherings, easy conversation, or even quiet reflection? Consider a Serenity Pergola by Outdoor Elements. When you want full protection from the weather with a perfect blend of luxury and simplicity, there is no better option than our beautiful Pergolas.

Constructed from premium powder-coated extruded aluminum, our Serenity Pergolas provide a shaded space to spend time outside, no matter the weather. The solid pergola roof is comprised of insulated panels that remain fixed in place for full rain and UV protection. The insulated pergola design is beneficial when temperatures rise, as the panels reflect heat to keep your patio space cool and comfortable.

The perfect blend of luxury + simplicity

The straightforward design of our Serenity Pergolas creates an alfresco setting that allows for refreshing breezes and shelter from harsh sunlight. There are no motor or automated features, so you never have to worry about adjusting the pergola roof.

The all-weather solid roof construction gives you plentiful options for outdoor entertaining, relaxing, cooking, family meals, movie nights, and so much more. And, like all our luxurious pergola products, the Serenity design enhances the aesthetics of any garden, patio, or backyard space. Stylish outdoor living areas even add value to your home.

If you have always wanted to expand your kitchen area or terrace, a Serenity Pergola by Outdoor Elements may be the ideal solution. Our pergolas can be built in any shape or style and attached to the side of your home for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living.

Options for customization

The furniture and accessories under your pergola can mirror your home or showcase an entirely different ambiance for contrast. When it comes to customization, you can fashion the ultimate outdoor living space by adding any of these features to your Serenity Pergola:

  • Designer fans
  • Integrated LED lights on the posts or roof–both white and colored lighting available
  • Motorized privacy screens
  • Architectural features like post wraps and corbels
  • Different colors and finishes (more than 24 to choose from)

Create the ultimate outdoor living space

A solid roof pergola instantly gives definition to outdoor spaces while adding visual interest.  Enjoy the freedom to create an outdoor oasis that suits your specific needs and lifestyle.

A Serenity Pergola gives you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort.  They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Upgrade your backyard with a Serenity Pergola

Discover the myriad benefits of Serenity Pergolas by Outdoor Elements and elevate your outdoor living experience. To learn more about our custom pergola products and services, contact us today!

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