Preparing Your Backyard Patio for Warmer Weather

Spring is approaching, and nothing embraces warm weather like a relaxing afternoon– or evening– on the backyard patio. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to refresh your space for outdoor get-togethers. Wondering how to prepare for the warmer temps? Here are a few tips to get your patio prepped for stylish outdoor living as the chilly weather disappears.

Give the patio a power wash

The sun is shining, and you’re eager to enjoy the greenery and fresh air. However, if your backyard is heavily wooded, you probably have leaves and debris on your property. Before inviting friends over for an alfresco dinner party, give the space a thorough cleaning.

Pressure washers are an easy and fun way to eliminate the mildew and grime that accumulated on concrete, pavers, and stone during the fall and winter months. Outdoor cushions and furniture have to endure harsh elements, so make an effort to get upholstery dry cleaned or replace items that cannot be salvaged.

Garden and landscaping

Does your lawn or garden look healthy after months of chilly weather? Now is the time to focus on weeding and adding vegetation and color to liven up the space. Potted plants and flowers can do wonders in this regard and get your patio barbecue-ready!

Louvered patio roof

One of the best ways to upgrade your backyard space is by installing a state-of-the-art louvered roof system. At Outdoor Elements, our louvered patio roof is fully automated, comes with many optional features, and adds an element of luxury to your spring or summer event. The warmer weather is ideal for backyard dining and entertainment, and an adjustable patio roof gives you the confidence to host gatherings or parties when the mood strikes—no matter the weather.

Add lighting

Exterior lighting is another crucial element for outdoor soirees held in balmy weather. Solar string lights offer a nice glow, as do pendant lamps. One of the many benefits of our louvered patio roofing is the integrated lighting. We have many options available, from recessed LED lights, LED post lights, and integrated LED channel lighting and LED RGB lighting that change from red, green, and blue. Our lighting systems are energy efficient and are sure to brighten up any evening gathering.

Brighten the space with decorative accessories

A louvered patio roof can keep your guests protected from the elements, including a spring storm. But why not go the extra mile by adding decorative accessories that won’t be ruined by sudden downpours or the scorching summer sun. Throw pillows and outdoor rugs can make the patio feel like an extension of your home during warmer weather and are a great way to show off your style.

Enjoy life outside during warmer months

Please contact us to learn how Outdoor Elements louvered roofs can transform your backyard patio. We have dealers throughout the nation, and our experts are standing by, ready to help you customize the perfect outdoor retreat.

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