Smart Pergolas Maximize Outdoor Living

Looking for the most luxurious and innovative patio cover available? A smart pergola takes outdoor living to the next level, turning your backyard into a blissful sanctuary, rain or shine. Clever engineering and integrated technology allow you to control your environment with the touch of a button.

Traditional pergolas offer zero rain protection since the slats are fixed in place. Similarly, there’s no way to seek shade on a bright summer day, which can put a damper on outdoor enjoyment. In contrast, a motorized louvered roof for patios can be opened at any angle or closed completely for the perfect amount of shade, sunlight, or rain protection.

Even better, smart pergolas have built-in sensors that automatically shut the louvers when it rains or the winds pick up. Your patio cover operates autonomously, giving you peace of mind when a sudden downpour hits. Smart pergolas from Outdoor Elements USA are intelligently designed systems that adjust to the weather, protecting your furniture and decor from the elements. And you won’t compromise aesthetics with this advanced technology. Our pergola combines the flexibility of an adjustable patio cover with sophisticated design.

Customize Your Smart Pergola

Backyard patios— whether used for cooking, dining, entertaining, or relaxing– can be customized to accommodate any taste, and smart pergolas are no exception. There are dozens of color options and custom finishes. Let your imagination run wild, or enlist our design team to help bring your vision to life. The process is easy with Outdoor Elements USA. Our team can design, build, and install systems to suit any space. They can be attached to your home or an existing patio or terrace.

Depending on your local climate, you may want to consider some of our optional features like automated privacy screens, heating systems, or ceiling fans.

App or Remote Controlled

Dialing in the desired amount of shade or sun with your smart pergola is simple.

Outdoor Elements has introduced an innovative, first in the industry, all-inclusive control system that not only rotates the louvers for your personalized environment but will also control the integrated LED lighting channel, and optional colored, recessed, and post lights.

An Outdoor Elements system can be controlled using any smart device, with our state-of-the-art app, or with our proprietary handheld remote control.In addition, our pergolas feature some of the widest and thickest louvers on the market, extending up to 22 feet.

Smart Louvered Pergolas by Outdoor Elements

All of our pergolas are manufactured right here in the USA. Our roof systems are precision engineered and built to last for years with premium extruded aluminum. Elevate your outdoor patio with a custom louvered pergola. Contact us for more information.

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