The Benefits of a Covered Outdoor Living Room in Your Own Backyard

Many studies have shown that nature has a positive effect on both emotional wellbeing and physical health. Proximity to green space and fresh air relieves stress and boosts mood-elevating endorphin levels. When it comes to outdoor enjoyment in your own backyard, it shouldn’t be limited to sunny days or summer months.

Whether you are looking to remodel your backyard patio or build one from scratch, there is one way to ensure the weather will never dictate your time outdoors– by installing an automated louvered roof system. A remote-controlled louvered roof instantly upgrades your patio or deck to a functional outdoor living room that is sheltered from the wind, rain, and sun.

A covered living room in your backyward creates a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor and offers a comfortable space to relax, socialize, and spend time with family. Covered outdoor living rooms also add real beauty and value to the home.

Maximize outdoor enjoyment year-round

With a fully adjustable louvered roof, you can maximize backyard time regardless of the elements. During cooler months, take advantage of our integrated heating components. Outdoor Elements products can be equipped with built-in infrared, gas, or electric heating systems– providing the radiant warmth needed to keep the party going and the chill at bay.

Covered living rooms also allow for amenities like flat-screen TVs, projectors with automated screens, and premium sound systems– perfect for movie nights, Sunday sports games, or favorite television shows.

Covered space offers more design potential

A motorized roof that shuts when sensing rain means you can decorate the space without worrying about the weather. For some homeowners, that translates into using materials, fabrics, and colors that mirror the indoors. For others, it provides an opportunity to get creative with new design trends.

Although “outdoor” rated fabric and weatherproof seating have become more stylish, it’s nice to be able to decorate your outdoor space without those limitations. Cozy velvet sofas, plush lounge chairs, area rugs, and throw pillows create a dreamy space. Add a large coffee table, and you have the perfect backyard retreat to unwind.

If you love entertaining, consider adding a seated bar area with stools in a corner of your outdoor space. What guest doesn’t love an artisan cocktail, craft beer, or glass of wine under the stars?


Create a stylish and protected outdoor living room

An Outdoor Elements louvered roof promises on-demand protection from rain, sun, and wind and can be designed to meet your exact specifications. Interested in learning more about our products? Contact us today for help creating your covered backyard living room.

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