Tips to Create a Backyard Living Room

Increasing numbers of homeowners are bringing the comforts of their interior spaces to the outside. If you have a backyard, it’s possible to transform the space into an inviting extension of your home. When it comes to creating a backyard living space–think about the types of activities you envision doing there on a daily basis. Do you love entertaining in the open air? Perhaps a tranquil space to enjoy a good book or your morning coffee. Or maybe you want to create the perfect backyard destination for when game day rolls around.

A backyard living room can serve many purposes, but it’s ultimately a space where you should be able to relax in comfort while enjoying  the mood-enhancing benefits of nature. Consider these tips on creating a functional backyard living space that will be the highlight of your home.

Shelter for year-round use

There are practical reasons to incorporate shelter in your backyard living room. A custom patio cover or pergola will offer protection from harsh sunlight, wind, and rain. In addition, a covered outside space with motorized louvers offers you total control of your environment. Rust-resistant louvers can be opened, closed, or adjusted with the touch of a button and can  be equipped with sensors that automatically close the roof when it starts to rain.

Backyard seating areas

With a fully adjustable patio cover that protects against the elements, you’ll have more freedom when choosing outdoor furniture and finishes. Some backyard living rooms feature multiple seating areas, which help accommodate larger social gatherings. Synthetic rattan and wrought iron are common materials for outdoor use as well as woods for added texture and warmth. Potted plants, throw cushions, and area rugs will help create a more unified and cozier look.

An eye on entertainment

Want to enjoy your favorite films   outdoors or invite company  over to watch the big game? A well-equipped backyard entertainment center will make hosting your friends easy and convenient  . But, before investing in big-screen TVs, projectors, and Wi-Fi speaker systems, ensure that your outdoor structure offers sufficient protection from the rain. An Outdoor Elements Signature Louvered Roof does just that and has integrated gutters to keep your high-tech items safe and dry.

Consider lighting at night

Get the most out of your backyard living room after sunset with the thoughtful addition of ambient lighting. Your outdoor lighting can provide sufficient overhead illumination without being too bright. Integrated LED lighting, RGB lighting, post lights, and recessed lights can be added to each system and provide a warm, soft light to accent any space. The lighting options offered on the Outdoor Elements Pergola systems are also dimmable, allowing more control over the light.

Backyard living in comfort & style

Excited to create the perfect backyard living space that can be utilized throughout the seasons? Outdoor Elements USA can help bring your visions to life with our revolutionary louvered roof systems. Contact us today to speak with our team of experts.


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