What is Inside-Outside Living?

Inside-outside living is all about seamlessly designing architecture to create a bridge between your home and the nature around you. By taking your favorite indoor comforts – like cooking a delicious meal and lounging on a comfy couch – to the great outdoors, you can create a relaxing getaway in your own backyard.

The best way to ensure your inside-outside living space is accessible all year round is with louvered roofs. With retractable screens and the option to add heaters and coolers, you can be making the most of inside-outside living 24/7. Keep reading to find out how you can create an inside-outside living space that you’ll love.

Creating the Ultimate Inside-Outside Living Space

Now that you’ve decided to take your home’s design to the next level, it’s time to determine what kind of outdoor living space you’d like to create. It all depends on how you’d prefer to use the area. The most popular options include an outdoor kitchen, dining room, lounge, and indoor-outdoor pool— or you can go a different route and turn your patio into a game space or workout zone. Mix and match these concepts when designing your ideal outdoor living area.

Meet the MVP of Inside-Outside Living: The Louvered Roof

Inside-outside living spaces should be a multi-functional area where you and your loved ones can do everything. Think of it simply as an extension of your interior living space. These areas have skyrocketed in popularity for many reasons, including their ability to make hosting large groups easier.

That’s why covering the area with a louvered roof is an important step in the design process. It’s the best way to ensure you can enjoy it anytime, no matter the weather. Our customers love louvered roofs because they offer:

More Natural Lighting

Natural light has been proven to improve a person’s overall mood, health, and energy levels. An inside-outside space allows the interior of your home to have better access to fresh air and sunlight, giving you a seamless connection to your natural surroundings. We all want to enjoy Mother Nature. What better way to do so than enjoying her beauty and taking in the fresh air and sun she provides?

Shade and Sun Control

Outdoor Elements®’ louvered roofing has adjustable screens, allowing you to let in as much sun as you want or to block it out on those hotter days. Unlike a traditional awning, they can stand up to the elements and aren’t susceptible to mold and fungus like cloth canopies are. Using a louvered roof will also reduce your environmental impact, as you’ll use less artificial light and rely less on your HVAC system, saving on your energy bill.

Protection From the Elements

A louvered roof can be adjusted to keep your space dry, even during a rainstorm, so that you can keep enjoying your outside area despite the inclement weather. Our system has integrated gutters to channel rainwater away from your roof, so it won’t damage your deck. Additionally, our louvered roofs shelter your outdoor furniture from weather damage, which is integral for maintaining their integrity and longevity.

Increased House Value

A louvered roof gives hosting homeowners an option for entertaining rather than hiding away indoors. As the popularity of these spaces continues to grow, so will your home’s value if you decide to sell.

It adds an aesthetic appeal, creating visual interest and harmony, in addition to expanding the possibilities for how you can enjoy your home.

Adding a louvered roof to this space will turn your patio into your house’s most outstanding feature. Any outdoor living space will be instantly transformed.

Design Your Picture-Perfect Inside-Outside Space Today

When you’re ready to get down to business crafting your ideal outdoor living space, we’ll work with you to design one that speaks directly to your style and needs. Our system is a top choice among builders with unparalleled design, architecture, and construction.

Contact Outdoor Elements® today to start planning your perfect inside-outside living space.

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