Winter Outdoor Living Trends

Daylight Savings Time marks the final days of autumn when the temperatures begin to dip and cold weather rolls in. There’s no need to stay inside, when you can transform your backyard into a cozy, inviting place for outdoor gatherings. From modest terraces to large patios, homeowners are warming up their backyard living spaces with these savvy design trends.

Today’s residential outdoor living spaces are designed for multi-seasonal enjoyment. Get inspired with some of our favorite winter trends.

Brighten spaces with color

December and January can be somewhat bleak, even if you don’t live near sleet or snow. This is especially true in regions of the Pacific Northwest that receive more than your average rainfall. Design experts recommend color-blocking your outdoor living space to liven up the area. This entails using contrasting blocks of solid vivid colors for contrast and definition. Think neutral cushions with bright turquoise or colorful throw pillows for an eye-catching effect. If you prefer more earthy shades, consider accenting the space with splashes of bronze or brass.

Luxury Outdoor Pergolas

With chilly  weather setting in, you want your backyard patio to be as inviting and comfortable as your living room. To achieve this, homeowners are looking for more than basic shelter. One of the biggest trends this winter is the luxury pergola. Besides their aesthetic value, a pergola with a louvered roof system provides instant weather protection with the touch of a button. Best of all, there are dozens of custom design options, from gorgeous color selections to post wraps and luxe amenities. In addition, integrated lighting systems, heating elements, and automated privacy screens take your winter oasis to the next level.

Natural, earthy materials

One of the quickest ways to provide texture and visual appeal is by incorporating natural materials. After all, one of the great joys of being outdoors is the immediate connection with nature. Some of the more sophisticated backyard patios feature wooden or rattan furniture, woven rugs, terracotta planters, and  pendant lights made with organic materials. Developments in sustainably sourced materials provide eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic textiles that have been the mainstay for outdoor furnishings.

High-tech amenities

Families are taking movie nights and slumber parties outside with the latest technology. Just as custom pergolas are growing in popularity, so are Wi-Fi-enabled projectors, Bluetooth speakers, and winter-weather gadgets like battery-powered heating blankets to help everyone stay warm.

Ambient lighting

Explore your creativity with lights that brighten up your backyard this winter. Some of the biggest hits this season are string lights, LED candlelit lanterns, and in-ground fixtures that spotlight trees and gardens. Battery-powered candles with timers offer a pleasant glow and are virtually identical to the real thing.

Winter outdoor Living at its best

Outdoor Elements USA can help turn your backyard living space into a cozy sanctuary that can be enjoyed year-round. Contact us for more details about our state-of-the-art pergola systems.

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