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How to Inspire Quality Family Time in Your Outdoor Space: 5 Tips

Spending relaxed and positive family time together increases the self-esteem, happiness, and mental well-being of kids and adds to a sense of belonging for the whole family. Strong bonds between parents and children rely upon consistent, meaningful interactions. An outdoor living space at home gives you more opportunities to connect as a family with healthy,…

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What is a Louvered Roof?

A beautiful and comfortable outdoor living space is the ultimate home luxury and a louvered roof is one of its essential elements. Most of us are familiar with traditional options for backyard living such as patio covers or pergolas. A louvered roof performs the same function at a much higher level of construction and design…

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How to Host a Backyard Gathering (Even When it Rains)

The playlist is loaded, the appetizers are plated, guests are on their way to your festive backyard gathering and then … the unmistakable sound of raindrops! Your party doesn’t have to be ruined or even brought inside. With a luxury louvered roof in your outdoor living space, the celebration continues, rain or shine.    How…

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