Louvered Patio Covers for Commercial Properties

Protect Your Investment and Maximize Your Profitability

Stylish and Comfortable Outdoor Space

Outdoor Elements louvered roof systems help you control your environment and reduce your risk of losing business to unexpected weather. You can adapt your outdoor space for the comfort and delight of customers with features such as:

  • Lighting
  • Heaters
  • Fans
  • Screens

A louvered roof can significantly increase your earnings by drawing in new clients year-round who are attracted to the hip and vibrant feeling of eating, drinking, and socializing outside. With many customizable features, an Outdoor Elements louvered roof system helps take your business to the next level.

A Designer's Perspective Enhances Your Environment

Create an Appealing Outdoor Environment Customers Will Love

Looking to increase viable outdoor seating or dining areas for your business? Outdoor Elements designs louvered roof systems for all kinds of outdoor commercial spaces. We collaborate with leading designers and architects to create solutions that meet the needs of your business model and your clientele. Outdoor Elements louvered roofs are meticulously engineered and custom designed to enhance the style of your space, including custom colors, corbels, accessories and more.

Add to the Ambiance of Your Space

Build a new clientele and give your loyal customers more reasons to visit by creating a comfortable, festive, and luxurious outdoor environment for your restaurant or bar.

Whether freestanding or building extensions, our louvered roofs seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor spaces and are a valuable investment in your commercial property.

Restaurants & Bar Patios

A covered restaurant patio with built-in lighting, cooling, and heating components promises unparalleled comfort for your patrons throughout the year. Our low-maintenance roofs are made with high-grade extruded aluminum, and the components are powder coated with a superior grade coating, making them highly resistant to corrosion. They are available in many designer colors and finishes for a luxurious open-air dining experience.

Hotel & Resort Patios

Protecting your guests and outdoor seating areas from sudden downpours and blazing sun is important, whether patrons are lounging poolside, having an alfresco brunch, or attending a special event. A covered hotel patio with motorized sun and rain protection provides refuge from the elements and adds an air of luxury to all places on your property where guests gather outdoors.

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ROI Calculator

A luxurious, stylish and practical protected outdoor seating area can make a big difference for your business. How much will an Outdoor Elements louvered roof add to potential profitability? Learn more by filling out this simple form.

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    Our louvered roofs are meticulously designed for precision installation. We'll partner with you from concept to installation and you can rely on our expertise and emphasis on quality every step of the way. An experienced professional is necessary to ensure that your luxury louvered roof is properly installed. Our national dealer network in most large metropolitan areas is ready to assist with highly trained technicians. We back up our work with a 15-year limited manufacturer warranty.


    Maximize Profitability for Your Business

    Position your business for unlimited success with an outdoor space that attracts new clients and serves all clients in comfort and luxury, no matter the weather. Contact us to learn more about how Outdoor Elements louvered roofs enhance your brand and expand your potential profitability.