Commercial Louvered Patio Roof Design

Louvered Roof Design for Commercial Outdoor Space

The team at Outdoor Elements USA leverages decades of experience in the design-build remodeling and louvered roof industries. Our extensive knowledge and in-depth architectural expertise ensure a commercial louvered roof design that complements all interior and exterior spaces.

Our louvered patio roof systems for outdoor commercial spaces are engineered with the highest quality materials and feature powder-coated aluminum components that are low-maintenance and built to last. Each louvered patio roof is customized to blend with existing décor and architectural style for seamless integration.

Custom Commercial Louvered Patio Roof Design

Our systems are meticulously designed to deliver a clean aesthetic, with sleek corner features and hidden fasteners that conceal bulky exterior elements. There are countless options for commercial patio cover design. Whether the existing interior is traditional or more contemporary, our team of architects, in-house designers, and engineers can bring a similar aesthetic to the outdoor space to bring your vision to life. The design process is augmented with AutoCAD, Revit, and 3D renderings to help visualize your louvered patio cover, and our project-specific engineering packages make the permit process a breeze.

Our louvered roofs tie in beautifully with various building materials such as stucco, siding, brick, metal, concrete, and wood.  We offer creative ways to achieve the maximum potential of your commercial space. These shelters are made to invite your guests into a beautiful environment that will not only make them want to return but will also encourage their social circle to visit as well. Our adjustable patio covers are fabricated to fit flat, pitched, and gable roofs. They may also be incorporated with any existing architectural style or stand-alone structure.

There are numerous design elements to choose from for a truly unique patio cover that enhances the establishment’s décor, capitalizes on the unique surrounding, and fits with the company brand. With our help, you can transform an ordinary courtyard, pool deck, restaurant patio, or seating area into a serene and protected shelter while adding value to your business. If you’re looking to boost viable outdoor seating for your café, hotel, restaurant, clubhouse, or event space without compromising design aesthetics, you can count on Outdoor Elements.

Design Features for Comfort & Outdoor Enjoyment

A wide range of custom touches can be applied to an Outdoor Elements louvered patio cover to enhance comfort and visual appeal. Take these elegant tongue-and-groove patio louvers to the next level with any of the following features:

  • Designer color scheme: dozens of designer and classic colors that can be combined on different components for added effect
  • Atmospheric LED options including light strips and spotlights that provide different layers of illumination and ambiance
  • Integrated heating elements and fans for seasonal comfort
  • Custom-fitted privacy screens with external rollers


Versatility for Restaurant & Hospitality Industries

When it comes to open-air restaurant patio design, there are no size or stylistic constraints. The layout and style of your outdoor oasis is limited only by your imagination. The largest single zone for these durable louvers is 12 feet long by 22 feet wide. For large applications or unique footprints, multiple roof systems can be linked and configured to operate individually or jointly by remote control. This versatility allows business owners to maximize year-round outdoor seating, attract more customers, and ultimately boost their bottom line.

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