Commercial Louvered Patio Covers: Year-Round Use

Louvered Patio Covers: Year-Round Use

Enjoy Commercial Covered Patios All Year Long

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A sweltering or rainy day doesn’t mean you have to confine your business within four walls. A luxury louvered patio cover from Outdoor Elements ensures maximum comfort in your outdoor commercial space with the touch of a button. The rotating louvers go from open to closed to let in sunshine or add shade and keep rain or snow out. Manufactured in the USA from high-grade extruded aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners, they provide greater durability than plastic, fabric, or wood patio covers.


Year-Round Features Built Into Luxury Louvered Roofs for Commercial Businesses


Outdoor Elements commercial louvered patio covers can be customized with additional features to accommodate all seasons:


  • Heating Components – We have partnered with Bromic Heating and Infratech to bring you built-in warmth. Heaters can be surface or flush-mounted to suit your space, with your choice of gas or electric power. These platinum and tungsten heaters are coated with stainless steel for maximum durability, even in windy or coastal regions.


  • Fans – Add overhead ceiling fans to keep the breeze flowing on balmy days. Choose from a variety of shades and styles to get a beautiful custom look while offering your patrons cool comfort.


  • Lighting – Expand your patio use, even when the daylight hours shorten. Light up your entire space with state-of-the-art, fully integrated LED channels. Party mode can add shimmer to your space with ambient red, green, or blue illumination.


  • Privacy Screens – Enclosing your outdoor space can be practical when muggy weather brings insects or unseasonably cool drafts come through. Screens are custom-fitted to your exact specifications and provide long-lasting, effective protection.


The weather can be unpredictable, but you can maximize the use of your outdoor space all day long and all year-round with stylish and practical enhancements that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor environments.


Other Ways To Make Your Outdoor Commercial Space Enjoyable Year-Round


In addition to louvered patio covers, there are many ways you might tailor your space for the season:


  • Firepits and fireplaces add warmth and ambiance to bars, breweries, and restaurants.
  • Install a radiant heating patio underfloor or use electric heat mats and portable heaters to stay toasty.
  • During the holidays, place fairy lights, festive mini conifer trees, garlands, and swag with berries.
  • In hot weather, try an outdoor evaporative cooler or misting system.
  • Add fresh flowers, seasonal plants, or lanterns as centerpieces.
  • Change out textile decor like rugs, throw pillows, and tablecloths for spring, summer, fall, and winter.


Build It and They Will Come


Fresh air and Vitamin D are good for business, and Outdoor Elements can ensure that both are always “in season.” Talk to our expert design consultants, share your vision, and learn more about our process. We can build louvers on any scale to be enjoyed 12 months of the year, whether you are the owner of a small café or the operator of a large event center. Our work is built-to-last with minimal maintenance and backed by a 10-year warranty.

Maximize Profitability for Your Business

Position your business for unlimited success with an outdoor space that attracts new clients and serves all clients in comfort and luxury, no matter the weather. Contact us to learn more about how Outdoor Elements louvered roofs enhance your brand and expand your potential profitability.

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