4 Ways to Make Commercial Outdoor Dining Spaces Winter Ready

Cooler temperatures are just around the corner, and for dining establishments with outdoor seating, now is the time to ensure your patio areas are winterized to provide plenty of comfort. Here are some tips on making your bar, restaurant, club, or bistro a cozy and inviting destination this winter. From portable heaters and seasonal menu selections to stylish pergolas, you can attract clientele and turn brisk weather to your advantage.

Bring on the heat

Whether your establishment is on a windy waterfront or tucked on a city side street, customers will truly savor an alfresco experience when there is just the right amount of warmth.

Standing propane patio heaters are a terrific heating element that can be placed in corners or near dining tables for ambient warmth. Further, they are more cost-effective than their electric counterparts and generate more heat. Check on your local regulations for outdoor heating before investing in new equipment.

When the cold weather arrives, there’s no better way to warm up guests than with a rustic fire feature. This could be an integrated fireplace, a standalone fire pit, or a fire bowl. The glowing orange flames create an inviting atmosphere while warming up temperatures.

Incorporate winter warming menu items

While heating elements are great for patio dining, your guest’s experience can be further elevated with drinks and menu items that can help keep them warm.  Consider integrating seasonal items that will be fresh and add to the festive spirit. Think hearty soups, fondue pots, and spicy dishes served on a hot plate. Chilly days also call for hot beverages, like a nice caramel Irish coffee or hot cocoa . Finally, consider adding a winter happy hour menu for cocktails ordered on the patio.

Install a custom pergola

Make alfresco winter dining more comfortable with a luxury pergola installation by Outdoor Elements. Don’t let rain or frigid temperatures impede your revenue stream this winter. Commercial outdoor dining spaces can be year-round money-makers with the right infrastructure. Many restaurants and bars have installed pergolas to prepare their terraces and patios for all kinds of weather.

Create a protected outdoor seating area that is warm and inviting with any of our custom pergola products. Choose from a solid roof pergola with insulated panels or our Signature Louvered Roof that can be adjusted as needed. Each system is crafted with high-grade extruded aluminum components for lasting durability.

A motorized pergola with smart sensors allows you to welcome guests outside during colder months and is much more stylish–and long-lasting–than awnings, vinyl curtains, or other temporary structures. Our pergola systems can also be outfitted with heating elements manufactured by Infratech or Bromic Heating USA.

Invest in comfortable furniture

The right furniture is essential for outdoor dining spaces when the temperatures dip. Swap out metal chairs and tables with materials like wood or recycled plastics. Soft cushions for chairs will add an extra layer of warmth and create an inviting feel. Guests are sure to enjoy all these cool weather accommodations underneath a  custom-designed pergola.. Contact us today for more details.


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