Commercial Businesses that Benefit from Covered Patios

Commercial establishments of all sizes have used our louvered patio structures to create year-round outdoor spaces that are comfortable and protected from inclement weather. With a quality patio roof that promises both shade and ambiance, businesses quickly realize an increase in foot traffic and revenue.

If your current outdoor set-up doesn’t allow seating, dining, or usable space during cool nights or hot summer days, you can now take advantage of these missed potential customers and profits. Allow a covered commercial patios to give your establishment the edge it needs to stand-out and stay lucrative.

Here are five types of businesses that can benefit from our state-of-the-art patio roofs.

Restaurants, Brew Pubs & Cafes

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant or cafe with covered outdoor seating, you know an alfresco meal makes for an enjoyable experience. Our pergola roofs can protect patrons from the sun or the rain, which will immediately increase your seating capacity in any weather conditions. Whether you run a trendy lounge or a  quaint local diner, our patio covers come in a variety of styles to accommodate any venue. An increasing trend among restaurant goers is to bring their dogs with them and dine outside. Having a larger outdoor space and a Dog-friendly patios can boost your appeal to animal-lover community.

Hotels & Resorts

A covered hotel patio offers tremendous advantages. Customers can spend more time on the property–sipping drinks by the pool, dining outdoors, or attending a private social event. Our signature louvered roofs are motorized, making it easy to keep your outdoor guests comfortable during many outdoor environments..

Sports Venues & Clubs

A covered outdoor patio means your club or sporting venue can plan more events without worrying about contingency arrangements due to inclement weather. In addition, membership levels may increase if residents know they can plan their social engagements outdoors, rain or shine, throughout the year. Being a reliable venue can be a great advantage to your business reputation.

Event Facilities

Host more weddings, graduations, receptions, and special events by expanding your venue’s capacity and size  with a seamless transition to a luxurious outdoor space. Our durable patio covers can be customized with built-in lighting, heating systems, fans, automated screens, and smart controls for added style, function and luxury

Theme Parks & Zoos

A customized commercial patio roof protects against the elements while allowing plenty of cross ventilation during hotter days. Our products keep visitors cool and comfortable at many family attractions that focus on outdoor entertainment, including amusement parks and zoos. Enjoy more days of revenue by making guests comfortable, rain or shine!

School Campuses & Condos

Courtyards and common spaces become more functional and inviting with a covered patio roof that keeps furniture and people dry. Our louvered roof systems are designed to resist corrosion and can be manufactured to accommodate unique size requirements. The high-end design of our systems can elevate the atmosphere of your campus or property and make it more appealing for potential residents.

Covered Patio Solutions for Commercial Businesses

Outdoor Elements USA is well-versed in  meeting the needs of commercial establishments that want to enhance  the function, aesthetics, and use of outdoor areas to maximize profits and protect their investment.  Our signature patio covers are manufactured with powder-coated aluminum for enhanced durability and are available in metropolitan areas nationwide. Contact us today to learn more.

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