Heating Up a Restaurant Patio

The average American spends the majority of their time indoors, so most people crave sunshine, breezes, and a connection with nature. When the weather allows, there’s nothing quite like a delicious meal and good company on the patio of your favorite restaurant.

Reap the Benefits of Patio Dining All Year

Outdoor seating allows restaurateurs to capture more business and lure customers from other locales that don’t offer alfresco dining.  But what happens when the seasons change, and comfort becomes a factor?

As the temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to look at options for heating up your restaurant patio. What if you could make your restaurant or cafe a cozy place for outdoor dining during the chillier months? A heated restaurant patio significantly expands seating capacity throughout the year, which translates to a better return on investment.

Eateries throughout the country are investing in the appeal of year-round patio dining with these simple heating solutions.

Gas Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great way to introduce warmth to your restaurant patio. Available in a range of sizes, styles, and materials, gas fire pits are more environmentally friendly than wood-burning versions and are generally low maintenance.  The main drawback of fire pits is that they cannot heat large areas and are better suited for smaller, semi-enclosed spaces.

Louvered Pergola with Integrated Heating

Many restaurants have invested in a more permanent and effective solution by installing an Outdoor Elements louvered roof system with heating. These systems can be surface or flush-mounted, whichever works best for your space. All heaters are designed to be fully integrated for a clean look and feel. Our smart patio covers feature Infratech and Bromic heating– renowned for superior products and innovation. Both systems feature a stylish design and spread comfortable warmth under the patio roof.

Portable Patio Heaters

Portable patio heaters offer a certain level of versatility. They don’t have complicated installation hardware, and most are operated manually, allowing waitstaff to turn heaters on and off as needed.  They are easy to move around and offer a pleasing ambiance.

Unfortunately, most patio heaters are inefficient and heat only a small area. Note that gas, propane, and electric patio heaters have different installation and ventilation requirements. To keep costs down, it’s best to choose a power type that is readily available and cost-effective for your restaurant location.

Invest in a Permanent Solution this Winter

Perhaps the most significant consideration for heating your restaurant patio is climate and location. An all-season restaurant patio in Northern California will have different needs thanother parts of the country. Outdoor Elements USA creates custom solutions for every client who is looking to enhance their commercial outdoor space. Achieve the coziness and warmth you want for your outdoor seating this year. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and goals.

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