How to Winterize Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Dining Space

Adaptability is key to keeping any business afloat in the COVID-19 era. The hospitality industry has been working every angle to maximize outdoor seating during the pandemic. But dipping temperatures create genuine challenges for bar and restaurant owners looking to maintain revenue during the fall and winter months. Cooler weather — not to mention rain and wind — can discourage patrons from alfresco dining. As the seasons change, more restauranteurs are warming up their outdoor spaces in practical and creative ways.

A louvered patio cover for year-round dining

Outdoor seating, with flowing air, lessens the risk of viral spread and appears to be the future of dining. But how do eateries cope when frostier temperatures hit? Many have converted their rooftop patios and garden brasseries into a year-round space by adding a motorized louvered roof system.

A louvered patio cover by Outdoor Elements provides a sheltered outdoor seating area that is as fashionable as it is functional. And it makes a tremendous difference in keeping patrons comfortable when bad weather hits. Each system is crafted with high-grade extruded aluminum components for lasting durability. Outdoor Elements boasts some of the widest louvers in the industry that can be customized to any specifications.

An adjustable patio cover with smart sensors provides the flexibility to welcome diners outdoors, rain or shine, and is much more elegant and resilient than tents, awnings, or other shelter structures. Best of all, an Outdoor Elements louvered roof for commercial properties can be attached to an adjacent patio or built as a freestanding pergola.

covered patio - louvered roof

Integrated heating for cozy comfort

Being shielded from pelting rain is one thing, but patrons want to stay warm when cool winds blow. Infrared heaters and strategically placed fire bowls can help to some extent, but they don’t offer uniform heating to the entire dining area.

With louvered roof heaters, businesses can create a cozy spot for alfresco dining and lounging, even in colder climes. An Outdoor Elements louvered roof can be equipped with integrated gas or electric heating elements, manufactured by Bromic Heating USA or Infratech. These elegantly designed heaters can be flush or surface-mounted to spread comforting heat evenly across a wide expanse – just the right amount to take the edge off on chilly days.

Make outdoor winter dining more appealing

Maintaining sales figures as temperatures drop means offering customers a warm and safe place to relax and enjoy a meal with friends. A louvered roof with built-in heating can expand the outdoor dining season and is an excellent investment for any casual or fine dining establishment.

Outdoor Elements louvered roof systems can be customized for a one-of-a-kind design that reflects existing architecture and style. Contact us to explore ways to warm up your outdoor dining area.

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