Make Your Restaurant Patio a Cold-Weather Dining Hot Spot

Tap into a steady stream of revenue by preparing your restaurant patio for outdoor dining in winter. Protect your patrons and your fixtures with a patio that is fully prepped for wintry conditions.

As chilly weather sets in, now is the time to set your business apart by offering a cozy and comfortable open-air dining experience.

In cities all over the country, forward-thinking eateries, cafes, and bars are creating outdoor dining hot spots that guests can enjoy year-round. Here are some tips to draw in customers with a fully-winterized patio.

Crank up the heat

Consider bringing in some heating elements to keep your patrons warm on colder days. Patio heaters are generally propane or infrared, and can heat areas up to 300 square feet.

Looking for a more rustic ambiance? Swap out patio heaters for a commercial fire pit. Light up your guests’ evenings as they wait for their cocktails and food with a small tabletop fire pit, which also generates a good deal of heat.

Provide overhead protection

Besides warming up your patio, it’s essential to have overhead protection from the elements. Rain, sleet, and gusty winds can ruin an outdoor meal and deter repeat business. A simple and elegant solution is to install a louvered roof system by Outdoor Elements USA.

Our custom patio roofs turn your outdoor area into a sleek, sophisticated environment, where little thought is given to the elements. Our motorized systems come with integrated LED lights and optional heating elements for a sumptuous cold-weather dining experience.

Functional furniture for the season

The right outdoor furniture and accessories go a long way toward creating a comfortable dining space during the winter months. Ensure your tables and chairs are practical for the season. Synthetic rattan is a good choice as it doesn’t get cold and can withstand all kinds of harsh weather. For additional comfort, top your patio chairs with soft cushions. Plush throw blankets can be draped over chairs for an extra layer of warmth.

Maximize profits by winterizing your commercial patio

Add warmth and luxury to your commercial patio this winter with the help of Outdoor Elements USA. Reach out to learn more about our louvered roof products for restaurant and bar patios.

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