Outdoor Seating Adds Value to Restaurant Franchise Locations

Increasing numbers of Americans are revisiting the pleasures of dining out on a regular basis. And it comes as no surprise that the majority of diners prefer to eat outside, where fresh air and ample space make the experience infinitely more pleasurable. For restaurateurs and proprietors of popular franchises, outdoor seating—whether on the rooftop, sidewalk, or patio – ensures a high return on investment.

There are numerous ways to add value to your franchise operation, but during temperate months, outdoor restaurant seating definitely tops the list. From NYC to San Francisco, cities across the nation have been relaxing outdoor dining permits, making it easier than ever to offer patrons an enticing alfresco dining experience that will ultimately draw more customers and boost revenues.

Owning a restaurant franchise can be very lucrative, but brand recognition alone doesn’t ensure long-term success. Let’s explore some of the key ways that covered outdoor seating can increase profits and add value to your dining establishment.

More customer seating options

An outdoor seating area increases restaurant capacity and provides customers with more options as to where they’d like to dine and socialize. A separate outdoor dining area also provides space for special events, like engagement dinners, work parties, and birthday celebrations. If the seating area is covered and protected from the elements, it can accommodate guests through all seasons, creating a cozy social area that lures new customers.

Revenue increase

More seating means less likelihood of long waitlists and frustrated customers during peak hours. According to recent studies, outdoor patio seating can ramp up restaurant revenues by a whopping 30 percent. Since al fresco dining usually attracts people looking for a more casual experience, you can also increase more revenue by offering food and happy hour specials that complement the atmosphere.

Effective and additional exposure

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor seating is the additional exposure your happy guests are providing – particularly if your establishment is in a highly trafficked zone. If you’ve ever walked past a group of diners eating and enjoying cocktails in a stylish outdoor patio, you know how inviting it can be. Tables are more spread out, the smells of delicious cuisine waft freely, and the relaxing, open-air environment makes you want to join in on the fun.

Bolster your brand

Make your franchise stand out with stylish and location-specific decor that caters to your target demographic. Outdoor seating areas with spectacular views, ambient lighting, water features, and customized sun and rain protection will have customers clamoring for an outdoor table.

Discover the profitability of outdoor seating with a customizable luxury louvered roof system from Outdoor Elements. Our durable, automated roofs are made with premium extruded aluminum and can be effortlessly adjusted with the click of a button, to ensure guests comfort during their dining experience

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