Do Pergolas Block the Sun?

The answer to this question depends on the type of roof your pergola has. For total sun protection, the best solution is to install a pergola with a louvered roof. While traditional pergolas with open lattice roofs have sun-blocking potential, the shade level will depend on the time of day and angle of the sun. The amount of sunlight filtered will also hinge on the time of year, as well as the location of your deck, patio, or outdoor seating area.

Adjustable louvered pergolas

Conventional pergolas provide a stylistic accent to your outdoor space. However, a louvered pergola with its unique pivot design and range of motion blocks the sun (and rain) when needed. These motorized systems can open and close on demand, giving you total control over the light level within the covered area.

Regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, a louvered pergola gives you a degree of flexibility that traditional lattice beams simply don't have. Unlike solid roof structures, louvered roofs are adjustable for optimal airflow and aesthetics. With the touch of a remote button, you can reveal the sky or take shelter. The louvers rotate in a range of motion, for just the right level and direction of natural light.

Sun protection for all pergola sizes

Protection from the sun's harmful effects is an important consideration when designing an outdoor space, whether it's attached to your home, free-standing by your swimming pool, or providing outdoor shelter for patrons of your business. Louvered pergola roofs can accommodate a single space of 12 feet wide by 22 feet long – one of the industry's longest spans. Multiple zones can be linked together for larger or unusually shaped areas and operated either individually or jointly. Unlike fabric, wood, or plastic patio covers, the aluminum components of louvered roofs are built to last and perform well in all kinds of environments.

An adjustable louvered roof can be manufactured to fit precise dimensions and customized to match existing architectural styles. Consult with a designer to help determine the size, footprint, color, and finish of your desired structure.

Take control of your outdoor environment

Outdoor Elements designs and manufacturers industry-leading louvered roofs for residential and commercial applications. Our experienced team can help you realize the outdoor living potential of your space and works with talented designers and architects. Our products are backed by a 15-year guarantee.

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