Easy Ways to Create Backyard Shade Without Trees

Enjoying the fresh air, sipping on a cold drink, and spending quality time with friends and family outdoors— that’s how many people envision spending their summer days. But what if your backyard lacks shade, making it uncomfortably warm or sunny? Planting shade trees is an obvious solution, but one that will take many years to reap the benefits. Even some of the fastest-growing varieties have a growth rate of just two to three feet per year.

If you’re looking for year-round shade and stylish sun protection, consider these alternatives.

Patio Umbrella

A simple patio umbrella is an effective option when your backyard or budget isn’t conducive to building a permanent shade structure.  Available in various colors and price points, conventional patio umbrellas adorn tabletops, while their standalone counterparts can be placed in specific areas.

Pop Up Canopy

Portability is the primary advantage of a pop-up canopy in the backyard. Because it is lightweight and easy to assemble, you can place these structures anywhere in the yard and break them down for storage. Most canopies and tents are made with dense polyester fabric– anchored with support poles and metal ground stakes.


A more permanent and aesthetically pleasing option to add shade to a backyard patio or deck is installing a pergola. Traditional wood pergolas with overhead latticework provide dappled shade, which is fine for mild temperatures but not sufficient on sultry summer days.

Louvered Patio Cover

For maximum shade, upgrade your backyard with a louvered roof pergola or patio cover that is fully adjustable with up to 180- degree rotation. Operated by remote control or any smart device, a motorized roof system makes any backyard space summer-ready.  When closed, louvers provide excellent shade and sun protection..

Louvered roof systems are an elegant shade solution for homeowners looking to enhance the usability of backyard living space. More stylish and durable than awnings and canopies, an Outdoor Elements motorized louvered roof expands the possibilities for outdoor entertainment, providing not only shade but effortless protection from wind and rain.

Create a Comfortable Backyard Retreat

Outdoor Elements luxury louvered systems are custom made to accommodate any size space and represent the latest in precision engineering, technology, and quality craftsmanship. Get the desired amount of shade with the touch of a button and indulge in lazy afternoons in the comfort of a cool backyard oasis.

Contact us for more information about pricing and custom options for our luxury louvered roofs for decks and patios.

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