Custom Colors & Finishes for Louvered Pergolas and Patio Covers

Louvers To Match Any Design

Outdoor Elements’ luxury louvered roofs are available in dozens of customized colors, from the modern and bold to the classic and understated. Choose the color that matches your interior design or take a different direction with a color contrast that offers a new layer of depth and visual interest to your outdoor environment. Our custom designs are all engineered with materials of superior quality. We are proud to offer high-grade extruded aluminum components made in the USA. All louvers are powder coated with a Superior Durable exterior grade coating for a flawless finish that resists corrosion and deterioration.

Pergola Colors – An Important Design Feature

In the context of architecture and home design, few features are more significant than color. Whether deliberate or not, colors spark interest, trigger emotions, and give meaning to our surroundings

Color creates a lasting impression and has the single greatest effect on how environments are perceived. More than shapes, structures, and layouts, it is color that influences mood, thoughts, and even behavior. Colors have a unique connection to our feelings and emotional responses, often generating a sense of vitality, excitement, or relaxation, depending on the shade.

Outdoor Elements knows the impact color has on each design project, and we offer a full range of custom shades. Many find inspiration for their pergola color choices in the architectural style of their home or business. Whether you lean toward the timeless or enjoy the element of surprise, we invite you to mix and match your louver colors and finishes to transform your exterior space into something truly extraordinary.

Common Color Schemes for Louvered Roof Structures

At the most basic level, color schemes boil down to three main options:

  • Monochromatic color scheme - A monochromatic color scheme is comprised either of one solid color; or various tones, levels, and shades of a single color.
  • Analogous color scheme - For uniformity in design, choose colors that are next to (or analogous to) each other on a color wheel.
  • Complementary color scheme – Use colors on opposite sides of the color spectrum to convey a sense of balance.

Every designer has their own “Rules” about color and how to use it in their projects. It’s important to develop an open and collaborative relationship when working with a designer. Before you make any decisions, be sure your tastes are in line with the advice you receive from your designer and if you want to live with the color choices and schemes chosen for you. If you stay true to the original vision you had for your outdoor space, the perfect color will reveal itself to you.

Get Inspired with Outdoor Elements USA

Whether you prefer muted tones that are soothing and zen-like or bright shades to liven up a space, you’ll find the biggest selection of pergola colors and finishes at Outdoor Elements USA.

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