Automated Screens

What Are the Benefits of Automated Patio Screens?

Automated screens are the perfect solution to add privacy and protection to outdoor decks and patios. With a literal click of a button, you can transform the look and feel of your outside living space by releasing or retracting custom-fitted automated screens.

Whether you have a pergola or louvered roof, automated screens are never mass-produced. Because they are designed and custom-fitted to your exact specifications, they provide a clean, seamless look that enhances the architectural style of your exterior space.

Our automated screens are manufactured with Nano 95

Nano 95 is made with a thin, lightweight core diameter yarn. This high-performance solar screen fabric is made from antimicrobial, PVC-coated polyester. It is designed to decrease harmful UV rays, heat transfer, and glare.

Blocking out as much as 95% of the sun's rays, the solar screen fabric is flame resistant and fade resistant. It is also a resilient replacement to insect screen. The mesh fabric is an excellent energy saver and prevents indoor furnishings from fading. The material offers daytime privacy with remarkable outside clarity.

Automated screens are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also have several practical benefits as well:
  • Add privacy and change the look and feel of your patio within seconds
  • Offer wind protection and protect against UV rays
  • Cool outdoor spaces and add ventilation
  • Keep out bugs and other pests
  • Can be retracted to allow natural light
  • Provide shade while remaining transparent


Automated Screen Nano 95 Fabric Colors

How Do Automated Pergola Screens Work?

Outdoor Elements utilizes automated screens from Sun Control Retractable Shades, which has been providing shade solutions for more than 20 years. In particular, the Nano 95 screen, used in combination with our customized pergolas and louvered roofs, offers just the right amount of transparency and shade. You can choose from two types of automation for your retractable screen. They are available in our classic 10 colors and our 14 designer colors scheme.

Fabric Retention Track System

This system keeps fabric locked within a custom-built exterior shade. Magnets are located at the ends of the bottom bar to keep the fabric taut and reduce movement, even in windy conditions. This system provides a luxurious, seamless look to complement your interior and exterior furnishings and the architecture of your home or business.


Stainless Steel Cable Guide Rail System

This is our standard automated system. Stainless steel guide wires are connected to the upper brackets of the screen and to the ground. A durable bottom bar keeps the shade in place as the screen is raised and lowered. This option is a bit more manual than the alternative, but it's also more cost-effective as well.

Why Choose Outdoor Elements’ Automated Screens

There are many reasons to transform your outside living area with Outdoor Elements’ pergolas with automated screens. The size, colors, and features of your pergola are completely customizable.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process allows us to modify patio covers based on your specifications, adding lighting, heating, and cooling elements for a truly-customized design.

Because our products are made in a way that conceals bulky exterior elements, the results are smooth, sleek, and modern.

Outdoor Elements partners with the leading experts in Smart Home Controls and retractable shades to bring you high-tech solutions that are reliable, efficient, and easy to use.

Maximize Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor Elements offers home and business owners the option to install automated patio screens as a feature of your customized patio cover.