Louvered Roof Lighting

Lighting Systems for Louvered Patios

How much sun or shade you let onto your patio is just one aspect of what you can do with a louvered roof pergola or patio cover. The luxury louvers on our roofing systems rotate for full sunlight, partial shade, or full shade options during the day. Beyond the basics, Outdoor Elements is proud to offer a patent-pending lighting system that provides some of the best options for illuminating your outdoor space in the wee hours of the morning or well into the evening. Extend your day. Set the mood. Up the ambiance. Enjoy life to the fullest.


Louvered Roof Lighting Options


A beautifully lit outdoor space adds a luxury resort feel to any home or business. Outdoor Elements offers these lighting options to enhance yours:


  • Spotlights – for tasks like outdoor cooking and prep; or decorative illumination
  • LED lighting– for ambiance around the pool, outdoor dining area, patio boundaries, firepit, or hot tub
  • Party mode – red, green, or blue illumination to add a magical quality to your space and suit your mood


Choose A Patent-Pending Louvered Roof Lighting Design Like No Other


Outdoor Elements has created a truly unique, fully integrated louvered roof lighting system, unlike any other available in today’s market.  Our versatile design allows you to enhance your outdoor environment with the appropriate lighting level and color.  Enjoy full control over the space with a dimmable LED lighting channel capable of creating both soft and bright light to suit the mood and activity of the moment. Or get the party started with ambient red, green, and blue illumination. Four-inch round LED spotlights may also be added to accommodate any desired practical purposes.   Thanks to innovative engineering, you can control the entire system with a smartphone app or handheld remote.


Outdoor Elements’ next-level lighting features are incorporated right into the roofing system as we build it. The built-in LED channels represent one of our most popular add-on features, and just another reason why clients choose us to make their outdoor living dreams a reality.


Louvered Roof Lighting – Coming Soon to a Location Near You


Outdoor Elements is headquartered in San Diego, California, and works with dealers throughout the U.S. Whether you desire party lighting, practical task lighting, or no lighting at all, our residential and commercial louvered roof system is sure to enhance the beauty of your property. Best of all, our louvered roof lighting system is engineered to last, with a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind. Contact us for more details on our state-of-the-art louvered roof lighting systems.

Embrace Luxurious Outdoor Living Designed Just for You

Make your outdoor living space reflect your individual style and expand your home to capture moments in tune with nature from peaceful relaxation to festive celebrations. Contact us to learn more about how Outdoor Elements louvered roofs can bring a new level of luxury to your home.