Motorized Patio Screens

Automated Retractable Screens for Ease and Comfort

Covered outdoor living areas are more popular than ever in both commercial and residential settings. Protected from the elements, property owners have more chances to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of nature.

Motorized retractable patio screens upgrade your favorite outdoor space with the click of a button. In seconds, you have a sheltered oasis that is infinitely more private while being protected from the sun, the wind, and insects. Whether complementing an outdoor living room or restaurant patio, motorized screens offer better climate control without sacrificing your views.

Motorized retractable screens offer versatility

Retractable screens are custom-made in the USA and can be designed to fit areas of any size. Controlled by a Somfy remote, the screens quietly raise or lower for optimal light control, wind protection, and seclusion. Automated screens with premium mesh material give you the power to keep pesky insects out without blocking fresh breezes and airflow. These systems are perfect for those who don't want to permanently screen in their outdoor patio and prefer the versatility afforded by retractable screens.

The beauty of automated screens is their practicality for providing that extra layer of control over your environment throughout the four seasons. Protect your guests and outdoor furniture against spring rains or when the sun's scorching rays begin to impact your afternoon cocktail party. The weather no longer dictates your outdoor enjoyment. With a quick press of a button, you have four breathable screens that can be adjusted to any level for optimum comfort.

Instant insect protection

Summer is the season of barbeques and leisurely alfresco meals, but with warmer temperatures come increasing numbers of gnats, mosquitos, bees, and wasps. Outfit your patio with a motorized screen and forget about the nuisance of pests, let alone citronella candles and bug sprays. Retractable screens keep flies, mosquitos, and other flying insects out.

Optional sensors for motorized screens

Like our luxury louvered roofs, these retractable screens can be equipped with integrated sensors that respond to weather conditions. The automated screens with external rollers raise or lower as needed to protect against high winds and rainstorms.

Each component of our motorized screens is precision-engineered to provide years of low-maintenance use. They are ideal for home patios, outdoor kitchens, and living rooms, as well as hotel and restaurant terraces and outdoor bars. Our screens can be customized to complement existing colors and architectural style for a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.

Manufactured right here in the USA from high-grade materials, our patio screens offer the ultimate convenience for commercial and residential applications.

Customized retractable patio screens from Outdoor Elements

Retractable patio screens with ultra-quiet motors take your outdoor living space to a whole new level. Enjoy UV and insect protection, on-demand shade, and enhanced privacy whenever desired.

Contact us to learn more about our retractable patio screens for homes and businesses. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and at the heart of everything we do.

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