Innovative Lighting

Pergola Lights to Brighten Your Patio

Our integrated pergola lighting systems combine cutting-edge innovation with industry-leading quality to bring any Outdoor Elements pergola to life. Customizable, energy-efficient, and built to last, they elevate the design of your custom patio.


Among the many lighting options available for our custom pergolas, we’re proud to offer eco-friendly LED lighting solutions that meet efficiency standards to help protect and preserve our environment.


Q-Tran Covered Patio Lighting: USA-Made Quality

Outfitting a pergola with LED lights starts with choosing a manufacturer you can trust. At Outdoor Elements, we’re proud to partner with Q-Tran, one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the United States. With nearly 30 years in the industry, Q-Tran has built a near incomparable reputation through quality products and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. They manufacture lights specifically for Outdoor Elements products and they take pride in providing high-level quality and care into every lighting package.

Energy-Efficient LED Pergola Lighting
Q-Tran’s commitment to sustainability makes it easier than ever to select eco-friendly LED lights that meet RoHS, Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, Ja8 Title 24 standards, and more.

These sustainable options also have benefits for your energy bills. LED lighting uses less energy and runs for much longer than older alternatives, reducing monthly energy costs—as well as long-term replacement costs. For those who plan to frequently use their patio lighting, it’s the smart and economic choice.


Fully Controllable, With RGB Options Available

All Outdoor Elements lighting options are fully controllable through the Outdoor Elements App. Dim, brighten, or put your space in “party mode” with vibrant colors for a truly immersive ambiance. You can also schedule your lighting to turn off and on at certain times for a  hands-free, convenient experience.

Beyond our standard white LED options, we also offer RGB LEDs, which have the ability to change to virtually any color you can imagine. Use the Outdoor Elements App to adjust your outdoor patio cover lighting color in seconds on an intuitive, easy-to-use color wheel.

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Seamless Designs to Fit Any Outdoor Space

The lighting on your backyard patio should make a positive statement by matching the current space and atmosphere. Together with sleek lighting innovations from Q-Tran, we intelligently design our covered patios with integrated lighting for seamless visuals at every angle.

Take our post lights, for example. They’re custom made for our pergolas to act like wall sconces, featuring slim glass covers over the LED light strip to deliver a fully flush design that doesn’t “pop out” too much from the post.

Superior Specifications That Shine

Designed for easy installation and versatile integration, the custom-made Q-Tran LED strips used in Outdoor Elements pergolas are capable of illuminating up to 100-foot runs. For spaces of all sizes, custom lengths are available upon request.

With flicker-free, 120-volt engineering, these superior-quality direct-connect line voltage LED strips are now offered with ETL Listed two-prong plugs for even easier installation—providing the same exceptional dimming and light qualities for both interior and exterior applications. Correlated Color Temperatures (CCTs) are available from 2400K through 3500K, allowing for the creation of the perfect ambiance from warm to neutral.

Elevate Your Space with Outdoor Elements

It’s time to make your outdoor space the best spot on your property. At Outdoor Elements, our custom-made outdoor pergolas make it possible. Contact us to learn more about building your ideal covered patio.

Maximize Enjoyment of Your Outdoor Space

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