How Do Motorized Pergola Screens Compare to Fixed Screens?

Pergola designs have come a long way in recent years, offering sophisticated features and elements that boost convenience, comfort, and versatility. Of all the enticing options and add-ons for outdoor shade structures, none stands out more than the motorized pergola screen.

Just like their fixed counterparts, automated pergola screens offer many of the same benefits for sun and weather protection, with some distinct and noteworthy differences.  Read on to explore what sets fixed and motorized screens apart.

On-Demand Climate and Ventilation Control

With the click of a button, you can transform your patio or deck into a cozy hideaway or open-air outdoor space. No matter your location, or the season, a retractable motorized screen is simply easier to use, without the hassle or labor of opening and closing a traditional, fixed screen.

More Flexibility

A fixed pergola screen is more of a permanent feature that is designed for year-round use. Historically, they are difficult and time-consuming to remove. If you have the energy to take the screens down, you then have to find a storage space big enough to accommodate them. By contrast, a motorized screen rolls up and out of sight with a remote control, eliminating the need for storage completely.

Spans Wider Distances

Compared to fixed screens, automated versions can span wider distances (20 feet plus), which means fewer support beams and more expansive views when the screens are up. In addition, you can use automated screens to delineate spaces in your patio design, or connect two areas together with ease, by simply raising the screen with a touch of a button.

Sun and Pest Protection

Both fixed and motorized screens offer UV and pest protection as well as extra shelter from the rain. You can use them to keep attached structures cool during hotter months, and cut wind and chill during the winter. In this context, both excel at helping manage comfort and ambient temperature.

Customizable Design

Motorized screens are engineered for seamless operation with push-button controls. Their housing component is elegant and custom powder coated to complement the pergola and outdoor space. This added functionality, beauty, and on-demand temperature and pest control make them a valuable investment that can ultimately boost curb appeal and the value of your property.

Automated Screens, Custom Made by Outdoor Elements

Cut the glare, keep out pests, and enhance privacy by adding motorized screens to your pergola structure. Outdoor Elements USA is proud to design, manufacture, and install cutting-edge louvered pergola systems with remote-controlled motorized screens.

Elevate the aesthetics and versatility of your pergola with our automated screens that open and close with the touch of a button. Custom designed to accommodate site-specific dimensions, our motorized screens offer the convenience and flexibility that fixed screens cannot. Contact us today to speak with one of our nationwide pergola experts.

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