How Do You Heat a Covered Patio?

Heating a covered patio has many benefits, as it allows you to extend outdoor enjoyment throughout the seasons without sacrificing comfort. If you love entertaining under the stars or during those perfectly crisp Autumn and Spring evenings, there are plenty of heating solutions to help you create a cozy, livable space in open-air settings.

In years past, property owners with covered patios were limited to space heaters that were only capable of warming small areas and had to be distanced from furniture and other flammable items. Thanks to advances in technology, home and business owners have access to a wide range of outdoor heating options, allowing them to safely enjoy their backyard patios long after chillier temperatures have set in.

Louvered Patio Cover with Built-In Heating

Perhaps the most effective means of outdoor heating is to install a louvered outdoor patio cover with integrated heating mechanisms built into the structure itself. Unlike traditional deck covers, these louvered roof systems can be equipped with flush or surface-mounted heating elements, providing not only warmth but a sophisticated look as well. These modern heated roofing systems are compatible with electricity or gas and throw off evenly-dispersed, energy-efficient, radiant heat.

Patio Covers with Oscillating Electric Heaters 

An oscillating electric heater is an economical choice for warming up a smaller covered patio. Most models feature 1,200 watts of power and are manufactured to be weather-resistant. These units operate quietly, have two settings, and oscillate 120 degrees for moderate heat distribution.

patio cover for backyward Portable Propane Heater for your Patio 

Portable patio heaters – typically fueled by propane – come in various designs and styles, and can be a great choice for covered decks and patios. They do not take up much room, are simple to operate, and are easily moved. Units can heat as much as 20-25 square feet and can be stored out of season. These heaters evenly disburse warmth and are versatile for both residential and commercial settings.

Insulated Curtains for Covered Patios 

Wrap the perimeter of your covered patio in cozy warmth by hanging insulated curtains made with triple-layer waterproof material. Insulated curtains feature rust-resistant grommets and can be ordered in custom sizes and colors. Leave them open during the day as desired and close them at night to keep your patio space protected from cold winds.

Year-Round Warmth for Your Louvered Patio Cover

Louvered patio covers from Outdoor Elements USA have many unique features, including integrated roof heaters manufactured with fire-rated materials. Contact us to learn more about our state-of-the-art products for residential and business owners.


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