How Long Does a Louvered Roof Last?

A louvered roof offers more than two decades’ worth of weather protection from the sun, rain, and wind. These fashionable roof systems offer much more than visual appeal and shelter from the elements-- they are incredibly durable. Louvered roofs are engineered with extruded aluminum components featuring a high tensile strength. A premium exterior powder coating holds up to UV rays, hard water, salt, and chlorine, making them resistant to oxidation and deterioration.

High-Grade Aluminum Construction

There are plenty of ways to shade an outdoor area-- from awnings and pergolas to solid roofs, but none offers the appeal, functionality, or longevity of a louvered roof. Acrylic and canvas materials-- commonly used for patio awnings-- usually need replacing after 7-10 years and require regular maintenance. However, aluminum components are more resistant to rain and heat and promise long-term performance without frequent or cumbersome cleaning.  Louvered roofs with all-metal construction can last up to three times longer than traditional composite materials and wood, making these systems a worthwhile investment.

Lower Replacement Costs & Other Key Benefits

As noted above, when you install a louvered roof, you can rest easy knowing that the materials are chosen to reflect UV radiation and provide robust protection against the elements. These systems genuinely endure the test of time and inclement weather. Other key benefits include:

  • On-demand shade, sun, and everything in between
  • Choose the color, style, and accessories to get the look you want
  • Provides better temperature control and natural ventilation
  • Protects outdoor appliances, furniture, and guests
  • Low maintenance-- easy to clean with a garden hose and soap
  • Convenient remote control from any smart device
  • Built-in sensors close the louvers for automatic shelter from the rain
  • Extends outdoor time throughout the seasons
  • Creates a peaceful oasis and a sense of privacy
  • Versatility for any outdoor application: pool decks, fire pits, outdoor kitchen, patios, courtyards, yoga rooms, and entertainment areas
  • A 10-year warranty backs louvered roofs

Comfort & Protection for Years to Come

Longevity is just one of many reasons home, and business owners choose to install a louvered roof system by Outdoor Elements. Embrace outdoor living with our motorized louvered roofs that feature American-made high-quality components, smart technology, and customization options for the ultimate in durability, weather protection, and aesthetics.

To find out more about the lifespan of our adjustable pergola roofs, contact us today. We provide custom solutions for residential and commercial projects.

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