How Tall is a Standard Pergola?

The height of a standard pergola generally ranges from 8 to 12 feet, but this can change depending on a variety of factors. Whether attaching a pergola to existing architecture or building it as a stand-alone structure, it’s a good idea to get the pergola height– and other dimensions– correct.

A pergola that is too tall not only looks out of place but will also provide minimal protection from sun and rain. On the other hand, a lower height may feel confining.

Choosing the right pergola height

The architecture and roofline of your home will influence the height and overall dimensions of your pergola. As with any building addition or enhancement, you want to ensure that your shade structure is on the same scale as the rest of your property for a seamless, integrated look.

If the pergola is being built against your house, the eaves and window locations will largely determine the best height for the posts and rafters– you don’t want to impede views or access. In terms of aesthetics, pergolas installed adjacent to or against a home should be either the same height or slightly lower than the existing structure.

A freestanding pergola allows more flexibility in terms of design, but you still need to consider landscape continuity. If your home is two stories, you may choose to install a 12-foot height pergola or slightly taller. The majority of single-story homes will fare best with a 10 or 11-foot tall pergola, which still allows plenty of space hanging plants, heating elements and ceiling fans.

How will you use the pergola space?

Another factor to think about is how you’ll be utilizing this new outdoor space. A cozy seating area for two will do just fine with 10’ by 10’ dimensions. But if your main goal of the space is  for outdoor entertainment or cooking for a large family, then you’ll want to think bigger. Pergolas can be span up to 22 feet wide from post to post. However, some local ordinances on outdoor structures can have restrictions. Before starting construction, check with local regulations or homeowner’s association regarding permissible heights in your area.

Get professional help with Outdoor Elements USA

In the end, a pergola’s width and depth determine its height, as do landscape, location, and planning permissions. Property owners looking for expert pergola design assistance look to Outdoor Elements USA. Our team has decades of experience designing, building, and installing luxury louvered roof systems for residential and commercial settings. Contact us today for more information!

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